Soap & Cosmetic Making Suppliers. Our Ingredients Are Lab Tested, & Recipes Are All Formulated By Pharmacist

OEM/ Private Labelling

SoapLab Malaysia now offers Handmade OEM (for Big orders) and Private Labelling (for small orders) services.

The products we offer are 100% Naturally Derived, Suitable for Sensitive skin, and Pharmacist formulated to ensure only safe ingredients are used.

REQUEST TO YOU: Please do not ask us to make any product using chemicals/ harmful ingredient because we will decline you. 
Yes we can make a lot of money from this but we believe in 'Karma' and we will not do anything that can harm Human, Animals, or The Planet. 

Private Labelling:

What is private labelling:

Private labeling is purchasing readymade product and adding your own brand/logo to it. Example of private labeling for SoapLab's items will be those formulation that we have already made before. All you have to do is place the order on the product you want; get it within the lead time agreed and label it using your own brand.

Who is Private Labeling For?

Private labeling is for those who wants to
  1. Start small (min is 50pcs)
  2. Those who have lower budget (because all R&D is taken care off; you only pay for the product cost
  3. Those who wants to start new business
  4. those who wants to do for events
  5. those who wants to add more product range to existing product line
  6. Those who has another business and wants to create Limited Edition product to existing business.

Whats The Cost of Private Label?

Depends on the product ingredients but it ranges between RM 8-RM 15 per unit.
* please check the readymade product cart below to view the price.

Whats the Lead Time To Get Order Once Paid?

10-14 working Days

Can i Get KKM NOT (Registration)?

Yes you can however the min order required for this is 1000 pcs, and there are additional charges for token purchase at BPFK ;QUEST 3 (or you can purchase on your own)

Contract Manufacturing (OEM)

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is hiring us to do the whole new range of product for you. It means that you let us know what you want and we will come up with the formulation, lab test, R&D etc for you.

Who is this for?

This service is suitable for those who:
  1. Have existing product line and want to do the exact same thing in 'Natural' form
  2. Business thats already operating and wants something unique
  3. Business that needs own custom formulation

Whats the Cost of Contract Manufacturing?

Cost of contract manufacturing is as below:
  1. Formulation Charges : RM 5000
  2. Lab Tests: RM 2000-RM 3000 (depending on the complexity of ingredients)
  3. GMP & Registration Cost: RM 1000
  4. Production Cost: To produce 1000 pcs

Products we make:

The product range that we make at the moment is:

1) Skincare

  1. Facial Wash (Liquid)
  2. Face Moisturisers (Cream/ Lotion)
  3. Serum
  4. Face Oil
  5. Masks

2) Body Care

  1. Body Wash (Liquid/ Solid Soap)
  2. Body Conditioners (After shower)
  3. Body Moisturisers (Lotion/ Cream/ Body Butter)
  4. Body Oil
  5. Message Oils
  6. Balms
  7. Baby Products

3) Hair Care

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioners
  3. Styling Products
  4. Hair Oil
  5. Hair Serum

Coming Soon

  1. Color Cosmetics (Makeup)
  2. Lip Products

Products categories we make:

1) For sensitive skin (including eczema)
2) For Extreme dry skin (includes psoriasis)
3) For Oily Skin (Acne)
4) For healthy skin (anti-aging)

Products We Dont Make!

1) Whitening Products using chemicals
2) Products using adulterated chemicals
3) Products containing prohibited ingredients like hydroquinone, mercury, tretinoin etc

Price Range:

RM 15 above (for 250mL Cleansers)
RM 18 above (for 200g moisturisers)
RM 25 above (for 30g Serum)

* Price quoted does not include product packaging and labelling. Packaging can be sourced by buyers or can be by SoapLab Malaysia (depending on stock availability and type)


* Please Click On the Readymade: Wholesale Picture below:

For more information on OEM services; Please email:
Email Title: OEM Services

P/S: We are Currently Full for production. 

Kindly fill this survey form up and we will get back to you as soon as we have any openings available for you. 

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

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