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Hi; my name is Nisha and im one of the founder of SoapLab Malaysia. And heres our story:

Soaplab beliefs in doing the right ethical thing and be good to the humankind

We want to make sure every product or ingredient that we sell is safe to be used for all type of skin be it on human or pets.

We are not a PROFIT oriented company; we are EDUCATORS and we belief that our clients are like our friends and family and wouldn’t want to do anything that will harm them.
So we have a platform educating the public about the right and wrong in making handmade skincare, and we supply only ingredients tested to be safe and effective that we would put on ourself and our babies!

Why we do what we do? 

There was once; about 5 years ago when we were merely ingredient suppliers; a company came to us; getting us to formulate and manufacture a ‘all solution cream’ that they know will sell really well in the current market.

That was not possible using safe natural ingredients so we explained to them that in order to do this ‘magical cream’ we will have to add a lot of harmful chemicals like mercury, hydroquinone, tretinoins at dangerous toxic level. Way more than safe level used for medicinal purposes. And they were willing to pay a huge amount for it. (Safe to say if we took the deal; we were instant multi-millionaire).

But deep inside; i knew that if we did it; it was so harmful that it will literally destroy lives of the person using it and their kids and the generation after that.

Just imagine a mom with 3 kids used it and suffered intense skin ‘burning’ resulting from prolong use of this product and suffers thru major depression and neuro like problems (side effect of these chemicals (like 8/10 will get it) and later on what will happen to her kids? They will be in a house thats so traumatic and will then grow up to be someone with lack of confidence/ bully etc. And what happens to their children then? And worst what if this mom suffers from cancer and have huge debts due to medical bills, or these kids grow up to be mom-less? This is just one family.

But what if this company that wants us to make for them are really good in marketing and manages to convince tens of thousands of people to buy from them; was i willing to take on this burden knowing the consequences of what i was doing (yes i may be over analysing but i am a pharmacist! Ive grown up learning to looking at the worst case scenario and study the benefit vs risk)
If i took the deal; my family and generations after wouldn’t need to ‘work’ anymore. But it was at the expense of other family😓So because of that; we didn’t take the deal.

We tried to educate the company too but of course sometimes; people are just blinded with money.

I started soaplab wanting to educate people who wants to learn and go towards healthy lifestyle by embracing natural safe products into their lives.

Its not for everyone; i know that. I wont even get rich doing this. But i want to go to bed knowing that i did the right thing. Ive done my part to educate people about the right and wrong. 

And i know that there are people like me who loves humanity much more than money out there too that will spread this word around ( i really hope there is such people because i want to leave my kids and the next generations in that kind of world).

If you are one of them; contact me and i want to know you! Hugs XOXO

Heres What We Have For You:

  • As of today; SoapLab now has more than 700 recipes that you could download from our website www.soaplabmalaysia.com.
  • We also have ebooks for specific products that you could download if you wanted to learn more about them. All this is for FREE!. The supplies to make them are also available at the same website or you could WhatsApp 012-6643817 to place your orders
  • If you prefer to watch videos; checkout our youtube channel for all the fun recipes and a guide on how to make it at home!
  • If you are not sure to make something; SoapLab now have 12 Awesome Staff that can guide you on making your skincare.
  • We also have Business Classes for those who wants to make handmade skincare for selling.
  • If you wanted to connect with people who are like you; and want to discuss the latest issues about natural skincare; you could connect with us via our SoapLab Malaysia Club; a facebook group that you could join for FREE!
  • If you wanted a special recipe (formulation), we can make it for you too! (with additional cost)
Basically.. We have everything for you to start with this journey in making your own Fresh handmade skincare..With everything available at the tips of your fingers;
100% Online..

We Believe..

  1. that you can make your own effective products using only FRESH Vegetables and Fruits, the finest essential oil and safe synthetic ingredients.
  2. that to make skincare products; you do not have to harm animals. We do not agree to animal testings; only human test. If a product is safe enough to eat; its safe to apply on your skin!
  3. that you should know the truth. we believe in transparency and honesty more than profits.
  4. that you are beautiful in your own way. that you DO NOT need to use harmful ‘chemicals’ like mercury and hydroquinone to become fair and pretty. You are already beautiful!


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