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How to Make Sugar Scrub (Non Greasy)

Have you ever purchased any handmade sugar scrub only to realise its super duper greasy and oily? Well if you are one of those who are looking for an alternative to store bought sugar scrub, wanting a moisturising sugar scrub but don't really want the oily finish on your body, then this tutorial is for you. Its super easy to make, and leaves skin feeling really great!

Ingredients (this recipe is enough to fill 2 containers)
  1. 400g Sugar (Course)
  2. 15g Potassium Cocoate
  3. 30g Mango Butter
  4. Fragrance of choice as desired ( we are using Lilac in this)
  5. Color of choice (we are using Bubblegum Purple; Rainbow by Soap Lab)
  6. 4.5g DMDM Hydantoin (Preservative)
  1. Prepare all ingredients.

  2. Melt your mango butter in  a microwave or double boiler.

  3. Add mango butter and Potassium Cocoate into sugar.

  4. Add Fragrance, Color pigment and preservative into sugar.

  5. Mix till well blended.

  6. Scoop into container.

  7. Done!
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