How To Make: Baby Cream for Dry Spot (DIY)

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Hi all! Anyone who's a mum would most likely have experienced "baby eczema" where there's random dry spots on your baby's skin. Why? Because they've got extra soft and sensitive skin easily prone to damage than us adults. 

This happens most commonly in babies that just started crawling. Don't worry it's not a problem that SoapLab can't solve ;)  For this, we needed a cream that not only moisturises, but also protects soft baby skin. 

For this, we begin with SoapLab's signature cream base. We add shea butter as it provides a moisture barrier as well as getting absorbed into the skin easily. To protect your babies skin from the environment and to strengthen it, we use some vitamin E. 

Next we chose almond oil, a super mild oil with a lot of fatty acids to help combat the dry patches. We tried it on our babies and also our own rough elbow patches, and it works like magic! 

Since we made a big batch, we asked our family and friends to try it, and they wanted to buy from us hahah! of course we said sorry, you guys have to make it yourself... So, all of you SoapLab fans, just create a strong brand and build a customer base that trusts you. Once they know you are offering honest products that can solve their problems, they will definitely buy from you.  

Handmade Unscented Baby Nappy Balm (For newborn) in Malaysia

Hi guys! Today's recipe is a nappy balm for your little one's bottom :) All of us know, our babies often get irritated skin around the nappy area. Especially in our hot tropical climate... even more often! 

Introducing a cream or balm as a barrier between the nappy and baby skin is a great way to prevent this. As a parent, we know how important it is to know what goes onto your child's skin. 

That is why we list all ingredients on our website and teach you the recipes. This also helps build a trust base with your customers and in return, they will be loyal to your brand too. Open communication with your customers is always key :) 

In this balm, we use shea butter to moisturize your baby's skin. Shea butter nourishes deeply and also protects the skin's natural moisture. 

Next we use coconut and avocado oil...mmm so luxurious! Together, their anti inflammatory properties calm your baby's skin and prevent skin irritations. 

We then use beeswax which creates a moisture barrier for your babies so that they are always protected from dryness and redness too. Beeswax is also a humectant like honey, which means it attracts moisture from the environment to the skin. 

And just with these simple ingredients, you have perfect recipe to solve all your nappy woes while leaving your little one happy and cheerful :)  

Learn To Make: Baby Lotion (Moisturising) in Malaysia

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Hi guys! In our baby product series, we made everything from body wash, shampoo, oils, lotions.....yes, we really take the time to do the research and testing at SoapLab so that you don't have to. Just follow our tips, and you have ready to sell products. 

So today's recipe is a moisturising lotion for your little one. After shower, this is definitely a must have. In a lotion, we want something thats soothing and keeps your baby cool and comfy throughout the day. So to do this, our most important ingredient is calamine powder. It's cooling, it soothes your baby's skin... perfect. 

Next, we focus on moisturising ingredients and to do this, we use SoapLab's special jojoba lotion base plus cocoa butter. 

Your cute baby smelling slightly like cocoa...mmmmmm! 

But no, we are not leaving everyone's babies to smell like food, we use Baby Powder fragrance oil here haha. 

This lotion, trust us will not just be loved by mothers but even your regular customers who just want a simple moisturising lotion :) 

DIY Baby Massage Oil (For dry & sensitive skin)

Hello! Today's recipe is one that we are most excited for in our baby series because we feel like we made the best baby oil recipe EVER! It can be used for all skin types, it's mild and super nourishing and protects your baby's skin from irritation and inflammation. 

We use a mixture of oils that are easily absorbed by baby skin along with some special herbs and essential oils. 

The oil combination we use here is olive oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. 

Olive oil is filled with Vitamin A which helps protect your baby's skin and hair. We then use argan oil which adults love for its benefits for hair and skin is actually suitable for babies too! It conditions and nourishes baby skin and scalp and has linoleic acid which locks in moisture. 

Sweet almond oil is a hypoallergenic oil (this means it doesnt cause any reactions) and is a mild sweet smelling moisturizer safe to use by anyone. However, its not suitable for those with peanut allergy though. So be careful if you have peanut allergy!

Next we use dried calendula that helps heal wounds from scratching while dried chamomile buds on the other hand reduce skin irritation and calms skin.  For added benefits, we use Vitamin E to protect your baby's skin from environmental damages. We also use rose hip essential oil for it's fatty acid content that helps with eczema or regular dry skin too.  

By now, you must know why we looove this oil so much? Because it's packed with so many benefits which makes selling it is so easy!
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