HOW TO MAKE Apple, Aloe & Sage Facial Cream For Acne in Malaysia (DIY, Handmade)

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hi all, in our acne series we will be making the second recipe for our moderate acne set. Today's recipe is a pore tightening and repairing facial cream. Those of you that suffer from acne know what it feels like to have acne scars and visible pores that release too much oil. 

This facial cream promises to address all these issues so that you can feel confident in your own skin. We formulate this with jojoba lotion base. 

HOW TO MAKE Apple, Aloe & Sage Solid Facial Cleanser (Moderate Acne)

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Hi all:) For today we will be showing you a pore tightening facial cleanser for moderate levels of acne. One of the most common mistakes people with acne make are using harsh soaps that strip away natural oils in the skin. This leads to more sebum production and acne breakouts. We really encourage you to educate your customers about this so that they do not continue to irritate their skin unknowingly. 

For this facial wash we use witch hazel extract which is an astringent, meaning it helps tighten pores and regulate oil production. 

How To Make: Facial Scrub for Mild Acne (Lavender Lemon)

Hi all :)  For our third and final recipe for Mild Acne, we are doing a cleansing and soothing facial scrub. We only use the gentlest of ingredients to ensure that your skin is cleansed gently without aggravating acne. 

For the base, we use SoapLab's Shea Olive cream base. Olive is a soothing ingredient, used commonly for skin irritations. 

For a nice mild scrubby effect, we simply use all natural brown sugar. No need for microbeads and microplastics that pollute the environment, when all natural ingredients like sugar are even better for your skin. 

DIY Facial Cream for Mild Acne (Lavender & Lemon)

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Hi guys, in our next recipe for our acne series we have a soothing facial cream. We use SoapLab's mild Jojoba Lotion Base and add in lemon essential oil to regulate sebum production on skin. 

As a face cream, it also helps to reduce oily looking skin. Next we use Lavender essential oil for its anti inflammatory properties to minimalize acne breakouts. Do remember that when you have acne, you need to use creams and lotions specifically for acne that doesn't clog any pores or increase oil production. 

Next, use calamine powder a cooling calming ingredient which we most frequently use in baby products. This means that if it's great for babies, it's also great for your skin and your customer's skin! With this facial cream, your customers will start noticing a reduction in acne flare ups and have a much calmer skin.  

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