DIY Frozen Liquid Soap Malaysia (Elsa's Ice & Snow Liquid Soap)

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Hey guys, today we will be continuing with the Frozen series. 

This time it will be the older sister, the Elsa’s Ice & Snow liquid soap. 

The liquid soap has a coconut liquid soap base. 

It works a great antibacterial, which is great news for the young ones. Kids tend to play outside a lot and get dirty, so this will help reduce the risk of germs. 

The next ingredient in the liquid soap is menthol. Imagine your kids, coming home after a long day of school or football practice. The menthol will give a nice cool sensation, which will freshen them up in no time. 

The next ingredient is the vanilla lace fragrance oil. The nice scent definitely helps you feel refreshed afterward. 

How To Make: Liquid Soap for Children Inspired by Frozen (Anna's Eternal Winter Liquid Soap)

Hi guys! Today we will be showing you a super fun recipe for your little ones. 

It is the Anna’s Eternal Winter liquid soap from the Frozen series. It is time for us to let it go! The liquid soap has a coconut liquid soap base which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. 

The second ingredient is menthol. Menthol has a cooling sensation, which gives makes this liquid soap more uplifting and invigorating. 

The final ingredient will be a vanilla lace fragrance oil which will give the liquid soap an amazing smell. 

How To Write Your Product Label using The INCI Name (The correct way)

Monday, 16 April 2018

Picture Source:Google Images

Hi all. Today im gona guide you guys how to write labels in your handmade soaps/ cosmetics.

I know that when you purchase: most of the time the names you are using is lay man term. Lay men means something that we use in daily speaking, writing etc. (example: coconut oil, strawberry etc)

When you label your products; you cant use the laymen term. 

Yes it does feel good putting the normal common name so that your customers recognizes it but if you were to follow the proper rules and regulations by regulators (this is for all countries: FDA, BIRO pharmacy etc); you must put inci name.

What is INCI name?

INCI is the short form for international Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. This is the ‘scientific’ name that is recognized by regulatory bodies all around the world and requires you to list this in your products.

Which To Use: Cold Pressed or Hot Pressed Oils in Cosmetics

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

In SoapLab Malaysia; one of the most commonly asked questions is about refined vs unrefined. Ive spoken about shea butter here so do take a look at it when you can.

As for all the other oils; heres what it is.

As you are well aware; or if you are new to the 'natural' product making market; you would have seen all these jargons:
Refined oils, unrefined oils, cold pressed oils, cosmetic grade oils, food grade oils etc.

Today we will be talking about all these different types of oils..

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