How To Make: Fresh Banana Soap For Dull Skin

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hi good morning all; 
Im sure you guys know that if not taken care our skin can lose its radiance, and become dull with time. 

Today’s recipe will help combat dullness of the skin. 

The soap we are making today is a melt and pour, so you can get creative with its design. 

You will need a SoapLab’s Handmade Transparent soap base which will be added with Vitamin C and orange juice for today’s dull skin recipe. 

SoapLab’s Handmade transparent soap base is gentle on the skin and is a good moisturizer. Orange juice hydrates the skin and cleans up clogged pores. This helps freshen the skin and make it bright and radiant. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps heal wounds and repair damage on the skin. So with these three ingredients; you already can combat dull skin

However; it can be boring with just these, so we added orange banana fragrance for a citrusy and fruity aroma with a hint of sweetness. and to get creative with the color, we added neon orange mica and yellow mica. Try It! & Have fun!

DIY Fresh Fruit Soap: Blueberry Soap For Oily Skin

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Hey guys! Today we will be teaching you how to make Blueberry Bang Soap for oily skin.

Melt and pour soaps are a great way to make high quality, easy to make homemade soaps. 

To make this soap you will need SoapLab’s Handmade papaya soap base with blueberry extract and juice, with acai berry fragrance oil. 

The papaya soap base helps to exfoliate the skin, which removes dead skin and rejuvenates the skin. 

The blueberry extract and juice, is extremely rich in antioxidants which helps brighten up dull looking skin, and makes it look younger. It also helps to regulate sebum, by maintain natural oils. 

Finally; add acai berry fragrance oil for a delicious smell and violet mica for a vibrant color. 

How To Make Fresh Fruit Soap: Kiwi & Shea Butter Soap

Monday, 19 November 2018

Hi all! Today we will be teaching you how to make a moisturizing banana kiwi soap. To make this you needSoapLab’s Handmade Shea Butter soap base, banana extract, kiwi juice, and banana kiwi fragrance oil. 

Shea butter helps protect the natural oils of the skin, making it extremely nourishing and moistruising. In SoapLab’s Handmade SoapBase, we made sure that we put in a lot of shea butter so that you get this benefit instantly even if you are using it only the first time.  

Banana extract and kiwi juice are high with antioxidants which helps keep the skin look young and healthy. 

The fragrance oil gives the soap a nice fruity smell. Even with all these nice benefit if you dont have a nice smelling soap; it just doenst satisfy you isnt it. So because of that we urge you to add them in for the finale great effect. Just make sure that when you are choosing your fragrance oil; it is specifically for skin; not those for candle or potpouri as those are industrial grade fragrance that can develop rashes when applied to skin. Not Safe! So use those specifically for skin which is cosmetic grade:-) 

Finally; to give the soap a nice green and yellow color, like the fruits, add chromium green mica and yellow mica. Enjoy!

Why You Shouldnt Sell 'Cheap" or Your Business Will 'Bungkus' In 3 Years.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

One of the things I've realised with business owners in Malaysia is that they always want to sell cheaper than their competitor.

Ever since i started SoapLab; when i meet a business owner or so called 'entrepreneurs' their first thing is they want to find something 'cheap' to produce; so that they can sell cheap. If possible cheaper than their competitors.
Here's the thing why its a baaaaaad idea!

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