Can We Use Rose Hip Oil In The Day (morning)?

Friday, 18 January 2019

After my last post on Rose Hip Oil here; we got many people asking us if rose hip oil can be used in the morning.

One of the reason there might be doubt on that is because of it’s vitamin A content and the similarity to tretinoin (retinol A)

Though; it may contain similar effect as tretinoin; Rose Hip Oil is not as ‘strong’ as tretinoin therefore it shouldn’t be a problem in using Rose Hip Oil in the morning.

How To Recycle SoapLab's Oil Bottles

Hi all.
Many times clients of SoapLab asked us if we were able to take back the containers (plastic) and recycle them.

I know that we were suppose to be all natural and we shouldn't have to 'throw' these plastics away.

Unfortunately we cant take them back and recycle as we are dealing with cosmetic ingredients and we need the bottles to be sanitised before we could reuse them. If we reused them as is without proper cleaning; it will effect the shelf life of the new ingredients added in. Even if it was just oil; it can speed up the rancidity of the new oil and therefore for those reasons; we cant take them back to recycle them.

What Is Rose Hip Oil & Its' Uses

If you wanted to make something that was anti aging; one of the ingredients you should look at is rose hip oil.

It has various ‘important’ components in it like: oleic acid, linoleic acid etc. But one of the most important component it has is: beta carotene and tretinoin precursor.

Beta carotene is something that is usually found in carrot (thats why rosehip oil is darker or reddish in color) and its a powerful anti oxidant. Beta carotene converts itself to become retinal and retinol (vitamin A) and therefore its great for anti aging.

Retinol, although mild; it is said to work like tretinoin (a medicine that can be easily found in pharmacy).

What Is The Difference Between Stearic Acid & Cetyl Alcohol In Lotion

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Hi all; today we will be talking about what is the difference between stearic acid and cetyl alcohol in lotion making. 

Most of SoapLab's recipes or even bases have either one of these. What are they? they are basically thickeners.

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