Make Your Own Hershey's Cookies & Cream Milk Cold Process Soap

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Today we will be you another version of cold process soap.

But before that let me tell you briefly why cold process soap is beneficial to you. Thats because it is the only soap made using from 100% natural ingredients. Therefore, you will be protecting yourself from artificial chemicals that might damage your skin. 

Many asked how about the Natural melt and pour soapbase by soaplab? Well thats made using extension of cold process soap too! 

Only its made by us in soaplab and requires hours of cooking while if you wanted to make something from scratch that is faster at home; you can make cold process soap. 

To begin with, you will need to combine lye, distilled water and an oil mix. 

The lye when combined with oils from SoapLab’s Oil Mix (saponifies) has glycerin in it, which acts as a moisturizer for your skin, while the oil mix nourishes it. 

The oil mix which consists of castor, olive, coconut and palm oil, comes with other benefits too. Coconut oil has been used for ages as it an amazing moisturiser which nourishes the skin, giving you a radiant glow. The oil mix provides you with vitamins and antioxidants to soothe and revitalize your skin. 

Since we are using Hershey’s Cookis and cream milk in this recipe; The soap needs to smell like it’s delicious namesake, so add choc chip cookie and dark choc fragrance oil. 

Also added in is titanium dioxide mica with black iron dioxide, to give the soap an appetising look. 

Finally, after taking a sip of the yummy Hershey’s Cookie’s and Cream milk, add it into your cold press. This is one yummy treat for all your senses. 

How To Make: Fresh Milk Soap; Nestle's Just Milk in Malaysia

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Milk is a famous skin moisturizer. It also looks so beautiful and serene, so today we will be making a Pure Full Cream soap using Nestle’s brand: Just Milk.

Since incorporating fresh milk into melt and pour soap is not possible because it will get spoilt easily (click here to find out more); we will be using the cold process soap method, so you will need lye, distilled water and an oil mix. 

Lye is needed in soapmaking for saponification reactions. without lye; its impossible to mix water and oil to produce soap. 

in this recipe we are using SoapLab’s Oil Mix, The oil mix consists of castor, olive, coconut and palm oil. Each comes with different benefits to make your skin healthy and radiant. 

For example, palm oil is extremely rich with Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that can treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Olive oil is also rich with Vitamin E, providing the skin with anti-aging benefits. For an appetising smell, add crème brûlée fragrance oil before adding titanium dioxide for color. Finally, add Nestle’s Just Milk, for an added boost. 

DIY: Dutch Lady Strawberry Milk Cold Process Soap (Dry & Sensitive Skin)

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hello all! 

Today we have a treat for all you strawberry milk lovers out there. To make the soap, prepare the lye and combine with distilled water and castor, olive, coconut and palm oil. 

Lye is an important ingredient to soapmaking as it saponifies the oils and water to create soap and glycerin. Click here to read more on what happens.

The oils provide moisture to the skin, provides a deep cleansing effect and also is full of antioxidants that leaves you glowing. 

The fragrance of a soap is really important in the journey of pampering you. in this we added strawberry kiwi and creamy coconut fragrance oil, which will make you imagine you are in a faraway island, chilling by the beach. 

For the final touch, add peach pink and neon blue mica with some Dutch Lady’s strawberry milk. Enjoy!

How To Make: Sugar Confetti Soap (For Gifts)

Hey guys! Soap making is such a fun activity. 

Melt and pour soaps can be done by beginners and are such a fun activity. If you are having a party, and looking to have something to do with your friends, soap making could be it! 

Since, the soaps are going to be made for a party, lets make sugar confetti soaps. 

The soap needs to be moldable, so we will be using a SoapLab’s Handmade transparent soap base. Using a transparent soap base also means we can have more fun with colors. 

Next add, bubblegum fragrance oil. Smell is one of our five main senses, and it can trigger happy memories. With the candy smell from the creme brulee fragrance oil, you will be transported back to your childhood. 

Finally, add pink, purple and silver sanding sugar and you will have your soaps. Happy soap making!
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