How To Make: Rubber Duckie Embedded Soap For Kids

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hey everyone! 
Today's recipe is going to be a fun one. The soap uses a transparent soap base. 

Add ocean blue mica and baby fresh fragrance oil into the base. The fragrance oil gives a fresh and clean fragrance as the name suggests. 

After mixing, melt and pour into a cavity mold with rubber duckie embeds. 

These gentle soaps are great for kids, and the fun design gives them a toy to play with it. 

You could even make these rubber duckie soaps with your little ones as a fun activity. Enjoy!

P/S: This rubber duckie embeds were made using another mold (a duck mold). How we did it was to add yellow pigment into a white soap base and pour it into the mold a day before. The duck was then unmold 2-3 hours later and that is how we got the embed. SoapLab Malaysia do not sell the duck molds but we found it at any bakery supply shops (or chocolate supply store). The molds were plastic looking molds.

CASHFLOW BOARDGAME: A Game That Change My Thinking Forever

Monday, 13 August 2018

2008; CASHFLOW BOARDGAME- the game that change my thinking like forever. Like seriously changed my LIFE! 
I went with my friend ivory for this game: that time in Kuching. Time tu i didnt even know what did i sign up for but Ivo said that its like monopoly. Since i bosan (u knw kuching gets very boring at night😜) i pun joinla.
That time i think there was like 10table filled with ppl (probably 10-12 players per table). Nampak dahsyat gila! All suit up while i was in my jeans😓
I didnt understand the game that time; but since its a ‘game’ try je la. Bukannya kena guna duit betul pun. Little did i know it was going to change me forever! 

How To Make Relaxing Cool Gel For Pregnancy

Friday, 10 August 2018

Hey everyone! Pregnancy is one of the most enjoyable times in a person's life. 

However it can be a little overwhelming, growing a little you. 

If your body is feeling puffy and swollen or is aching, you could this Relaxing & Soothing Gel to provide your body with some much need comfort. 

Just add some aloe extract with peppermint and lavender mint essential oil to a gel base. 

The aloe extract reduces inflammation on the skin and promotes wound healing. 

Peppermint and lavender mint essential oils are used to relieve pain and muscle soreness. They are very effective natural muscle relaxants. Just apply the gel whenever you are in need of relief from a body ache. 

How i Got Started With Online Business in 2008

Thursday, 9 August 2018

2008. I started my first online business. That time i was obsessed with nail polish and i started a blog called nailgalore. And from there a nailpolish ecommerce site called
I was just talking to a fren about it over dinner. When i started; online shopping was kind of new. FB just started; IG’s tak wujud pun lagi and online busienss in Malaysia; no one knew how it was going to live up. Dahla that time .com bubble just burst. 
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