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Hi! Welcome to SOAPLAB MALAYSIA! :)
Thanks for finding us!
Im Nisha, one of the Co-Founder's of SOAPLAB
This is a brief guide to help you start on your journey to Handmade Skin Care!
We are excited to share our fun and journey with you and we hope to inspire you to create your own skin care


Well first you need to know why you are making the handmade skin care.
Is it for your own? What skin type is yours?
If you know, then you can see below our categories, you can then browse the recipes related to that. (Scroll below)
You can also download our FREE EBOOK HERE (Click Here) p/S: Dont forget to use code Ebook2019 to get it FREE


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We Are Open Mon -Friday (10am-4pm) to answer any queries you may have.

DuRa said...

your soap base has SLES? Is it will dry the sensitive skin? TQ

DuRa said...

Your soap base, is it the same as castile soap? Tq

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

hi no SLES is slightly less drying than SLS. but we do have the 100% natural ones (using coconut oil) which is very much moisturising. SLES soap base (the first generation) is more for normal to mildly dry skin. It has lots of bubbles while the natural soap base (second generation) is for dry and sensntive skin. Less bubbles also:-)

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

no castile soap is 100% olive soap. it doesnt become very 'solid' in Malaysia unfortunately:-( so we made it into liquid instead;-)


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