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In 2011, when I started SoapLab; I wanted to guide people to make safe and effective handmade products. 

During that time; many were just following 'recipes' online that measures in drops and spoons (Like food) when cosmetic making isn't food at all!

Due to this; and the side effects I used to see reported in NPRA (national pharmaceutical regulatory agency) when I was working there, I decided to create a website that guides people to make safe and effective handmade products.

When I started SoapLab; many of our clients DIY for themself first; but over the years, most of them have turned this 'hobby' into business and due to that; we decided to open our own GMP facility to assist these clients to notify their products under NPRA.

In March 2022; SoapLab Malaysia started our manufacturing services that manufactures almost all kind of cosmetics in the market. We do all but color cosmetics. 

What Do We Manufacture?

Body Care Products

we manufacture all kind of natural body care products that caters for sensitive skin, troubled skin, Oily skin etc such as:
  1. Solid Soaps
  2. Liquid Soaps
  3. Lotions
  4. Moisturisers
  5. Creams
  6. Body Butter
  7. Body Mask
  8. Body Scrub (sugar scrub/ Salt scrub/ Walnut scrub etc)
  9. Body Oil

Hair Care Products

For hair care products; most of our products can be made for oily hair, dry hair, sensitive scalp, frizzy hair, curly hair, limp hair, dull hair, to increase hair volume, hair loss etc. Here are the products range that we can make:
  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Hair Serum
  4. Hair Tonic
  5. Hair Mask
  6. Hair color using 'Inai/henna'
  7. Hair Styler for frizzy & curly hair
  8. Hair Oil

Skin Care Products

For Skincare products we can make products that are catered to: sensitive skin, oily skin, acne skin, dry skin, mature skin, pigmented skin, dull skin etc. here are the products range that we can make:
  1. Facial Wash
  2. Cleansing Oil
  3. Toner
  4. Serum
  5. Essence
  6. Creams
  7. Moisturisers
  8. Face Oil
  9. Scrubs/ face polish
  10. Face Mask.

What is The Minimum Quantity?

When it comes to minimum quantity it depends on the specification of your product and your budget. 

If lets say you want to have your own formula where you have something you love in the market and you want to make something similar, then the minimum will be 1000 pcs or 50kg product (whichever higher).

The reason is because we will need to make a product from scratch for you and since our machine capacity is 50kg ++, the minimum we can make is 50kg. Plus we will need to redo lab test, stability testing etc for this, hence to justify the cost; this is the minimum amount.

However, if lets say you like SoapLab's base, and you want to create similar product/ feel with maybe change the extracts, scents and colours, then the minimum will be 100pcs. 

Why? because we make these bases in big bulk already, and taking lets say 10kg for you just to mix a little extract, color, scent etc can be done:-) 

plus these 'bases' are used since 2012, so most of them are tested, and its well acceptable by our sensitive skin consumer.

What Is The Price?

Price depends on your formulation and what you want. IF lets say you would want us to formulate from scratch, we can go according to your budget. 

Let us know what's the price you want your product per piece to be and we will formulate it accordingly.

Truthfully in the market currently; you can find a serum that is RM 1 (the cost), and you can also find one that the cost is RM 20. 

It all depends on you on which you want. Of course don't expect the RM 1 serum to work like the RM 20. 

From what I know; the RM 1 serum is just some gelling agent with water that's practically just putting water and fragrance on your face that gets evaporated within seconds:-(

so again it depends on you and how do you want your company to be. if you want a 'hit and run' highly profitable unethical business that lasts only a year or two; go for the cheaper one, but if you wanted a repeated customer base with a more sustainable business; get something that actually works. 

Let us know your budget and we will work something out and if we can't do it; ill let you know we can't:-)

How About Packaging?

Packaging depends on you. 

You can either supply to us, or we can source it for you. Let us know what you need and we will look for you. 

The same goes for labelling, its either you get a designer to create a label for you and get it printed and send them to us, or we can source all these for you. 

Alternatively; we also have few vendors who can print directly on the packaging for you. The minimum quantity for printing is 100pcs which is perfect for starters as well.

Do You Have Sample We Can Try?

Yes we do. If lets say you would like to try the samples using our existing bases, do checkout our readymade products

We have a product for each categories above and you can try any that you want. 

Most of these products are scented and added with extracts and cosmeceuticals. 

All these you can change when you are ready to make your own brand. This is for those who wants to make 100pcs but we can make more for you too:-)

Click here to view the full readymade products range.

But if lets say you wanted your own formulation and have a product you would want to 'copy' kindly chat with us here first. 

We have a fee of RM 200 to make a sample for you. This fees is to make sure that you are serious in making this product and also for us to buy the ingredients to make your product. 

you will get 3 times revision for this sample and if lets say you proceed with the manufacturing, we will minus this fees in your order. 

Im sorry that we have to charge this but I hope that you do see it from our point of view. 

If these samples are Free, there will be many who would come requesting for 'sample' just to get free customised products. Besides that; since we will be making these formulation from scratch, there are many tests that we need to do in the R&D stage. therefore I feel the charges are justified:-)

The lead time for sampling depends on the ingredients availability. It maybe 10-15 working days. 

Is There Someone I Can Talk to Regarding This?

Sure; kindly WhatsApp us at 0126643817 to chat with us during working hours.

We would really love to work with you if you are looking to build a sustainable long term business. 

The philosophy that I have when I'm working with our manufacturing client is that I really want your business to be successful and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

For me; when you business is successful, mine will too; so its kind of like a win win situation here. 

Let me know if you would want any further information or, just drop by for a chat:-) we are located in Subang Jaya:-)


p/s: Heres some videos of what we did in our manufacturing facility previously (March -April 2022):

And since manufacturing is new to us; we made mistakes as well, so just for the fun of it; here's some of our behind the scenes mistake... 

owh well; costly mistake but we learned from it.. After all; we are human too :-)

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