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Hi all. My name is Nisha, Co-Founder of SoapLab Malaysia; an online store that supplies all materials and ingredients to make your very own natural soaps and cosmetics in Malaysia.

Im a pharmacist by profession and have been working with Malaysia’s Health Ministry since 2008. When I was working in the government hospitals; I realised that the number of patients that came with skin problem grew every year. Like in 2008 probably only half came with skin problem but by 2012; double the amount of patients came with skin related problems like eczema, psoriasis, and so on. Mostly ‘dry skin’ related disease. 

It was odd because our environment is ‘cleaner’ and our food is ‘better’. Our water and sanitation is much ‘better’ compared to ‘last time’ then why do we still have this disease?

Thats when I realised that everything around us is ‘processed’ and unreal’. Just like how our food now has all sort of ‘ synthetic chemicals’ that we cant pronounce; the same goes with our soaps and skincare.  

Now I'm not a person who can cook well (i really cant cook:-D) so i could help in the food arena; but i can make skincare! so; i decided to take out my British pharmacopeia that we used during our compounding years in pharmacy (its like a recipe book on how to make products); quit my job; and started a pharmacy called the Skin Pharmacy. 

This pharmacy was a place where people with skin disease came to have custom made skincare made for them (since they are allergic to so many things). 

But it was a very new concept and customers used to come in thinking it was ‘normal pharmacy. Unfortunately; the pharmacy didn’t workout due to lack of exposure and I started educating people on how to make soaps and skincare via a blog at and that is how; we came about. 

Of course between that and starting SoapLab; I went to a lot of financial difficulty and struggles which I wont mention here. If you would like to read that; click here.

SoapLab Malaysia is a place we educate people on how to make own skincare safely and accurately as we use measurement using weight instead of cups and ounces. When you use cups and ounces as measurement; most of the time you wouldn't weight things accurately as diff countries and places have different spoons etc. It's more suitable for cooking but not for cosmetic making. 

Instead of that think of cosmetic making something like science and make sure everything is accurate so it's safe to use. 

Since after educating people we had many who asked us to source for ingredients; we did that too and so I can proudly say that we have more than 1000+ ingredients in SoapLab today. Most of them are tested and comes with MSDS sheet.

You are always welcomed to purchase from elsewhere but beware of adulteration because we ourself have purchased from suppliers who adds bulking agents to ingredients so that the ingredients can be sold at ‘cheaper’ price. So always check if the suppliers can be trusted.

We have many ebook in SoapLab that guides you how to make ‘easy recipes’. Its for begginers. Do click here to download all the other ebooks we have.

If you didnt understand any part of this ebook or need any help; you may always email us at or WhatsApp us at 012-6643817.

All ingredients can be ordered at or via whatsapp.

Thank you for reading; and WELCOME to the Soaping Journey..

Love; Nisha

Company Info:

Soap Lab Malaysia PLT (LLP0003725-LGN)

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