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SoapLab Malaysia is dedicated to guide people from all around the world on how to make Safe Natural skincare products that are both high in stability (doesn't spoilt fast) and safe on skin (not every natural ingredient is safe!)

We have few classes that is taught by our pharmacist & Co-Founder: Nisha Patel. The classes will be held on weekends (usually Saturdays) at our premise (warehouse) in Subang Jaya.

What Our Students Said About Our Classes:

"Soap making classes by Soaplab was very informative and easy to understand while uncovering a whole new amazing world. It takes away the mystery while being fascinating at the same time.
After using my own handmade soaps i never go back to commercial soaps anymore and my skin testify for the benefits. Its also an awesome gift to give. Thanks Nisha for opening me up to a whole new world"- JANE E T WONG

"Hi Nisha! Thanks for the wonderful workshop. You made the process seem easy (i know its very hard for a first timer like me) and now im eager to do more handmade soap for me and my family. I can save a lot! i also start selling my handmade soap and my friends love them too!"- Noorfazira

"Thank you SoapLab. Your step by step guidance on making soap has made it easier for me to practice it at home. It is worth every dollar spent! Tq again SoapLab!" -Hani Rashid.

Pictures of Our Student's Creation

The Full Address is in:

11A, Jalan Tiara,
Taman Perindustrian Sime Uep
Subang Jaya


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The Classes are as below:

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  1. does material include the soap mould and other apparatus?
    are we allowed to bring the mould home?


    1. Yes materials included and u can bring the mold bck home


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