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This calculator will help you figure out how much of lye (NaOH or KOH) needed in your soap making be it cold process soap, hot process soap or liquid soap. Its very simple. Simply choose wether you want to make solid or liquid soap, the final oil needed in your recipe, the percentage of oils and butter in the soap, and finally it will show you the amount of lye and water needed.

*Please note that this calculator is meant only for those oils and butters from Soap Lab Malaysia. You are welcomed to use this calculator even if you got the oils and butters elsewhere however the SAP value will probably not be the same therefore there will be some errors.

How to use this calculator: 

  1. Click on the type of soap you are making: Solid or Liquid?
  1. Fill in the mould weight (in g) example the green mould u get from Soap Lab its 1kg Mould. Therefore key in as 1000g
  1. Fill in the percentage of each oil you want. You can check here for basic recipe
  1. Lye discount is how many percent of lesser lye u want to put? Generally( 1-7%) Leave it at 5% if unsure.
  1. The calculator will calculate how much of oil, lye, fragrance/essential oil and water you need in grams
  1. Check the soap properties you will get for this soap. If satisfied, make your soap:-) You can check out our youtube video on how to make coop process soap here


  1. Hi. Final Amount Water means in ml?

    1. Everything in skincare making is in grams not mL:-)

  2. Hi can i know how much does 1 liter of oil convert to grams, i would like to purchase coconut virgin oil from soaplab


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