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Fresh Mango Soap: CP Soap

Fresh Mango Soap Cold Process Soap
Fresh Mango Soap

Hi all,
i had a lot of left over mangoes and decided to do this tutorial on how to make mango soap. Its pretty easy. Its exactly like making Breast Milk Soap and the Yogurt soap. If you have not read about it before you can click here:

  1. Breast Milk Soap
  2. Yogurt Soap
So now back to the mango soap, this is how you do it:

  1. 210g of Palm Kernel Oil
  2. 210g Coconut Oil
  3. 140g Olive Oil
  4. 70g African Unrefined Shea Butter
  5. 70g Castor Oil
  6. 105g Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH/ lye)
  7. 200g Mango Puree
  8. Color pigment (in this tutorial we are using Pink bubblegum and Orange bubblegum colour pigment)
  9. 30g Mango Papaya Fragrance
How to make:
  1. First of all, measure your mango puree and freeze it using the round plastic mould. you can use any ice cube mood for this but we find the round ball melts slower when in contact with lye as compared to the square ones. 
    Fresh Mango Soap Cold Process Soap
    Fresh Mango Frozen Balls
  2. After freezing about 3 hours or so (depending on your fridge), take it out from the mild
  3. Add the lye into the frozen mango balls. the beauty of this balls are you don't need a thermometer or a water bath to reduce the temperature. You will realise that the balls don't melt fully. Its ok as it will melt later. As long as all the lye is dissolved it shouldn't be a problem.
    Fresh Mango Soap Cold Process Soap
    Add Lye/ NaOH into Mango Balls

    Fresh Mango Soap Cold Process Soap
    Lye is so hot its melting the Frozen Balls!

  4. Add this lye mango solution into the oil that were measured and mix initially.
    Fresh Mango Soap Cold Process Soap
    Add Lye-Mango Solution into Oil
  5. Mix using a hand blender until a thin trace is achieved. Thin trace is when the oils and lye solution is emulsified (mix) properly and looks like a pudding. To ensure all the oils and lye is mixed and you do not get a false trace, see the sides of your bowl, is there a tiny oil around it? if there is then its not traced yet.
    Use a Handblender to blend the soap
    Use a Handblender to blend into soap
  6. Once trace is achieved separate the soap mixture into two containers and put your colours. Im making two colour swirl therefore I'm separating it into two, if you want to make peacock swirl you can always separate it into 7 colours if you want:-)
    Separate Soap batter to add colours
    Separate Soap batter to add colours
  7. Add fragrance into both the soap mixture. Its very 'agak-agak' at this point of time depending on your scents.
    Add fragrance into soap
    Add fragrance into soap
  8. mix it. After that add into the mould layer by layer.
    Add into mould
    Add into mould layer by layer

    Soap Batter all in mould

  9. Once everything is in the soap mould, tap the mould to reduce bubbling and take a chopstick to make swirls. Its like marbling just do 'S' & "O' on the soap. Becareful we are only doing design here. Do not mix it or the two colours will mix and you won't see the difference.
    Use chopstick to swirl soap
    Use chopstick to swirl soap
  10. Once done, tap again. In this tutorial i had make peaks on the soap after swirling because i like them to look rustic. You can just scoop it with spoon will do.
    Done! Let it harden next 24-48 hours
    Done! Let it harden next 24-48 hours
  11. Leave for 24-48 hours before un-moulding. Check the sides on the mould, if its still sticking to the sides leave it longer in the mould. After un-moulding it cut and leave it for 4-6 weeks to harden. 
    Curing Soap for 4-6 weeks
    Curing Soap for 4-6 weeks
  12. Done! 
    Fresh Mango Soap
    Fresh Mango Soap

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Home Made said...

hi, how long is the shelf life for soap using fresh puree soap?

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

hi to be safe and fresher use it within 6 months:-)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for me to make this with just the soap base instead of making it from scratch?

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

hi anonymous. Im afraid thats not possible unless you use it within a week. The reason is it may spoil really fast:-(

Alicia Chua said...

Can I replace the mango puree to mulberry puree?

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

Hi alicia u can replace with any puree u want:-)

SufieToTheRescue said...

where can i purchase the NaOH?

SufieToTheRescue said...

where can i purchase the sodium hydroxide ?

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

Hi we do sel lye:-) you can purchase in this website ( left corner_ or on the menu bar under 'order here'

BaBeS said...

What is the size of your mold? I want to make this soap because i have some huge mango trees and want to make something different this year..

Soap Lab Malaysia said...

hi babes; this was about 1.2kg the mold size


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