A Boutique GMP Factory That Makes Handmade Natural Products. Formulated By Pharmacist


Lotion, Cream, Mask & Scrub Formulation Course (Making From Scratch Using Natural Oil)


Learn How to make 

  1. lotion, 
  2. cream, 
  3. body butter, 
  4. cleansing oil, 
  5. scrub, 
  6. mask, 
  7. serum 
for face and body from scratch. 

What Will You Learn

  1. What is lotion?
  2. Benefits of handmade lotion
  3. Water Phase
  4. Oil Phase
  5. Emulsifiers
  6. Preservation
  7. How to make lotion and other body care (as above) product in sterile condition
  8. How to add in Pure Essential Oils for therapeutic benefits
  9. How to make different lotion/ cream for different body parts and condition (normal skin, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, oily skin, baby etc)
  10. How to make body care product effective using cosmeceuticals for whitening, anti acne, eczema, psoriasis, babies etc.
  11. How to turn lotion and body care product such as mask, scrub, body butter, serum, cleansing oil hobby into business
  12. Business pricing calculation 
  13. Basic Marketing Tips

  1. How to make lotion using pure oils like olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil etc
  2. How to make moisturizing mask
  3. How to make dry skin body butter
  4. How to make whitening cream
  5. How to make creamy scrub 
  6. How to add pure essential oils for enhanced therapeutic benefits

You will Bring Back

  1. 100ml super hydrating moisturizing lotion
  2. 100g whitening armpit cream
  3. 100g Body Mask
  4. 100g Body Scrub
  5. Notes
  6. Coaching Via FB Group for 6 months (incase you have question for teacher after class (Worth RM 600!)

At The End Of The Class, You Will Be Able To:

  1. Be able to create a range of beautiful, safe and effective natural skin care products free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients
  2. Be able to adapt recipes to suit your skin type and preferences
  3. Understand the key properties and benefits of a wide range of raw ingredients
  4. Understand the key properties and benefits of a range of essential oils including which skin types they are good for
  5. Know the role of preservatives, antioxidants and emulsifiers – when you need to use them and when not
  6. Be confident and empowered with your new knowledge and skills!

Who Is It For?

  1. This is a business class. 
  2. For those who wants to learn how to make natural lotion and other body product from scratch.

Who Is It Not For?

  1. Those doing this for hobby*
  2. For those who are not interested to learn how to create your own recipe
*If you are interested in hobby class please pm us for other class details.

Teacher's Credential:

  1. Pharmacist with experience in dealing with skin problems for 7 yrs in KKM
  2. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Science
  3. Love to help as many ppl to understand handmade skincare as possible. Founder and articles are all written by teacher for free in www.soaplabmalaysia.com


There are many reports on handmade cosmetics going BAD / SPOILT because many are not thought on how to handle these natural ingredients safely and hygienically. In this class, we will teach you how to handle things safely so that you can manufacture right away!


🇲🇾 Subang Jaya, Selangor


⏱ 9am- 3pm
🍴 Lunch will be provided

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