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QUIZ: Fresh Goats Milk Lotion

I had this quiz in our Facebook Page and i thought of posting it here for all to view


You were walking in a craft bazaar and you saw this Goats Milk Lotion with ingredient list as below:
1) Fresh Goats Milk
2) Vitamin E oil
3) Jojoba Oil
4) Coconut Oil
5) Virgin Olive Oil
6) Beeswax
Expiry: 1 Year once opened
Storage: Room Temperature.

In this scenario there is 5 Problems with the stability and safety of this Lotion. What are they?


1) Adding fresh ingredients in the lotion will last only as long as the fresh ingredient will last ie in this case mayb 2-3 days. Fresh ingredients are 'bug food' which means it will attract microbial growth. Preferbaly do not add this in. But sometimes for marketing purpose have to add--> do not add more thn 0.1% (read our article on What fresh ingredients can be added in soaplab blog)

2) There is no Preservative. Its not optional its a must in water based ingredients as this. Vit E is NOT A PRESERVATIVE and will not help in stoping microbial attacks. It is an ANTIOXIDANT that will reduce rancidity and thats all! (Read our article on preservation in soaplab blog)

3) No proper emulsifier. Beeswax though it sounds like the Emulsifying wax is not an emulsifier its a hardener. Even with high beeswax the lotion will not be stable and separate in just matter of time.

4) Expiry should be from manufacturing date and expiry of raw materials. In this case its 3 days.. Once opened it depends on the packaging on when to discard the product. If jar its 3 months, if pump bottle is 6 months (thts assuming there is no fresh goatsmilk or any other 'bug food' inside)

5) Storage in room temperature with fresh goats milk is like putting the lotion into an 'incubator'. Malaysia's weather its perfect to 'grow' bacteria and mold. This will make the lotion spoil in less than 3 days. If kept in fridge can probably prolong maks to 7 days.


Vitamin e is listed as the second ingredient (which means its the highest oil in the lotion)- its an antioxidant that will get oxidized first before the other oils gets rancid. When there is too much of this--> the whole lotion will get rancid fast. To avoid this keep it at below 1%.

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