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How To Make Natural Baby Product Ebook

How To Make Natural Baby Product?

From the time a child is concieved; he/she is protected by the mom in the womb for 9 months. But when the child is born; he/she is exposed to chemicals! The air is dirty, the products used on their skin is toxic.


Why not start the child with natural product from day one? Why not continue protecting the child as a mom would when the baby is in the womb?

You cant control the air the child is exposed to; but you can control the products you use on the child's skin.
Most baby products contains ingredients that seems very alien like. My basic rule of thumb is if i dont recognize the ingredients, i don use it on my child's skin. After sometime i realized that most 'organic' products also has these alien like ingredient. If they are 100% pure plant based; they are very very expensive.
Today; we in Soap Lab Malaysia would like to share with you recipes on how to make these products at home; in your kitchen! True you can get many recipes online; but are they really safe and stable?
Using myknowledge as a pharmacist (for safety), and a cosmetologist (for stability of product; longer shelf life) ive come up with 50+ recipes Ebook on How to Make Natural Baby Product (and something for pregnant mummy too!)

In this Ebook you will learn

1. The Basic Oils and Functions
2. Using Essential Oil Safely
3. How to select scents
4. How to make Baby Oil (to replace those mineral oil baby oils available)
5. How To Make Nappy Rash Balms (using natural butters and waxes)
6. How to Make Bath Salts (using milks)
7. How to Make products using breastmilk
8. How to make Shower Wash
9. How to make Wet Wipes
10. How to make Insect Repellant
11. How to make Baby Room Spray
12. How to make Pain Relieving Cream/gel for pregnant Mummy
13. How to make Hair Growth Hair (post pregnancy hair loss)
14. How to make Lip Balm (for dried lips)
15. and more....

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P/S: 70% of the sales of this book will be donated to Building a new home for an Orphanage in Rembau; Negeri Sembilan.



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