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I dont Know How To Market My Product

One of the requirement to get approved into our Entrepeuner Coaching group is for people to mention what are the challenges they are facing currently in their business and i would say that besides not having time (a post that i have addressed last week); is that they do not know how to market their products.

Here is the thing; if your end goal is selling and making lots of profits just because your friend or neighbour did it that way; im sorry to say but your business will not do well.


Because the day when people will be going crazy about your product and crazily wanting to buy your product is over.

Previously our market sellers were lesser and so everyone had a huge market share and people in general only purchased from brand they are familiar with (i.e: the ones they see the most advertisement).

Well guess what? With internet and FB ads; you see advertisement in every feed! After every 2 post someone is selling something!

So tell me this; how many of you remember the last advertisement you saw? What was your reactions towards it? Can you even remember? I bet you cant! Even i cant keep track.

So which are the ones you actually follow? Which are the ones that you actually stopped and actually read the post? Something that mattered to you isnt it?

Here is the truth: there are two ways of marketing. The traditional way; or what my 'sifu' seth godin always says; disruptive marketing: where you constantly disrupt people's attention with advertisement. Or permission marketing; where people want to follow you and listen to what you have got to say.

I've been in business for close to 10 years now (was doing it part time while working) and ive got my fair share of doing both. All i can say is the traditional method is very very expensive. Yes you make money but the cost of marketing is expensive!

The permission marketing on the other hand consumes time because you are trying to build trust and trying to have a relationship with your customer before you try to sell. This in the long run; i find it more beneficial.

So how Do You Do That if You Are Just Starting Out?

As mentioned in the entrepeuner group; the first thing you have got to do is TALK TO PEOPLE! A lot! Do this way before you even come out with any product. Talk to people ask about whats the problem they are facing. Since in this line its more of handmade beauty products; ask them what is the problem they are facing with their skin. Talk to few and get some feedbacks. Ask them what brands or things they have used and what happened? Whats their expectations.

Once you have a pool of problems; find out which is the repetitive problem that most people are having. Read up about the problem. Go through in depth research on it. And finally when you know the answer; talk again to these people and tell them that you might have a solution for their problem and get them to become your test group. And then; develop and perfect your product on them.

Once thats done; get their testimonials and voila! You finally have a product that works! Then its just a matter of sharing your journey to people and if they are facing the same problem; they will approach you:-)

Remember, this is not some get rich quick method.

This is a journey where you build TRUST and also gather some raving Fans for your product. It takes time, but building trust sometimes requires the time. WHY is this important?

Because once you have this small amount of fans and keep giving them amazing value, that small number of fans will Increase, because you are now not the only one talking about your product, you have your raving fans out there sharing with their network all the wonderful things you do or your product does.
That is one definite way of creating a GROWING & SUSTAINABLE business.

Want to know how to create raving fans for your product?
Shall discuss that in the next post, so do comment and let me know if you have any questions you want to be answered.

Thank you for reading;


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