How To Make: Milo Shimmer Lip Balm

Friday, 22 September 2017

Milo Shimmer Lip Balm Malaysia

for today's post ill be teaching you guys how to make a simple lip balm using Milo. Everyone loves milo so i thought why not do a lip balm using it as the main ingredient:-)
But just to give a slight twist to it i also added some bronze shimmer pigments to make it look nicer and have slight shimmer tint on your lips:-)


  1. 50g Refined Shea Butter 
  2. 25g Beeswax
  3. 25g Castor Oil 
  4. 2g Sparkle Bronze 
  5. 3g Milo Powder
  6. 2-3g Chocolate Flavoring
  7. Sweetener ( sugar/ honey)

How To Make:

  1. Mix all (1-5) and heat it up using a microwave/ induction cooker/ double boiler
  2. Add chocolate flavoring
  3. Mix well
  4. Pour into containers
  5. Leave it to dry for 1-2 hours
  6. Ready to use

Video on How To Make:

Thank you for watching:-)

If you would like to purchase the ingredients click here:


  1. Hi, i just wondering how long it will last? I mean expired. Thank you


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