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How To Make: Coconut Nourishing Hand Lotion

Hi good morning. Today ill be showing you guys how to make Coconut Hand Lotion using Pure Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is known to have a lot of benefits and one of it is very nourishing to skin. Most of the time people have very dry hand due to usage of harsh detergent to wash dishes and clothes causing the skin to crack and become very dry.

Today’s video ill be guiding you guys on how to make a simple nourishing hand lotion:

In this recipe you will need:

1) Pure Coconut Oil
2) Emulsifying Wax (E-Wax)
3) Germal Plus
4) Stearic Acid
5) Distilled Water
6) Creamy Coconut Skin Safe Fragrance Oil

Optional Must Have:

1) Rubbing Alcohol (for sterilizing equipments to kill germs)
2) Packaging

How To Make Video:

To Download Recipe:

To Purchase Ingredients:

P/S: if you purchase these ingredients you will be able to make 1kg of Lotion (10pcs x 100g)

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