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How To Make: Fresh & Tingly Rosemary Shampoo

Hi all..
In today's shampoo recipe we will be adding rosemary and peppermint essential oil.

Both this essential oil when used will give a cooling sensation on scalp therefore if you are one of those who constantly gets itchy scalp; this will be good for you.

Besides that, rosemary essential oil when added into haircare also promotes hair growth so this shampoo is also for those who are experiencing hair thinning. There is also a study that showed its effective in hair loss.

So if your hair is dropping a lot these days due to stress or anything like that; make this shampoo! it may help you:-)


  1. For Itchy Scalp
  2. Hair Thinning
  3. Hair Loss
  4. Promotes Hair Growth

How To Make Video.

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