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How To Make: Lavender Honey Soap

Hi good morning.
today’s how to make series will be showing you guys how to make Lavender Honey Soap.

Lavender essential oil has many functions but for this soap it works as a soothing agent. Lavender works the best on iritated skin and in this soap it works as the ingredient that will soothe acne wounds and scars. 

Added together in this soap is honey from the honey soap base.

We in SoapLab Malaysia makes our own soap bases (not factory made) therefore we add a lot and lots of honey into the bases when we make them (unlike factory ones just put a little in). Hence its very brown :-)

Anyways; honey is also used in acne to reduce the flare and also to make sure the acne heals fast. So its a perfect combination; this Honey and Lavender Soap. We will be using it for iritable, acne skin.

We also added in Vitamin E as antioxidants to heal acne scar as well.


1. Acne
2. Acne Wounds
3. Sensitive skin
4. Oily skin
5. Acne & Eczema skin
6. Acne Scars


1. SoapLab’s Honey Soap Base
2. Lavender Essential Oil
3. Vitamin E
4. Violet Color Pigment

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