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How To Make: Luminous Skin Tint Cream Malaysia

Hi. In todays how to video ill be showing you guys how to make Luminous Skin Tint Cream 

Now this cream its inspired by Lush. I wanted something that will give me a glowing effect when i'm using this cream.

This cream comes with shimmer; our silver mica therefore when applied; it will automatically brighten and illuminate my skin.

Added together in this cream’s base is olive oil. 

Now if you’ve been following my Online course on lotion making here; you will know that olive oil is an oil that is most suitable for someone with dry skin. 

Its very very moisturising! Perfect for someone who is going to be in air conditioned area the whole day!

To use this cream; just apply to areas that needs to be highlighted like your cheeks, brow bones, inner eyelids, arms, and anywhere else you need this!


  1. Instant lift to skin
  2. Brightener & luminous
  3. Dry skin
  4. Sensitive skin
  5. Air conditioned area


  1. SoapLab’s Olive Oil
  2. SoapLab’s E-Wax
  3. SoapLab’s Cetyl Alcohol
  4. Liquid Germal Plus
  5. Lavender Essential Oil
  6. Glycerin To dilute Color
  7. Color Pigment Sparkle Silver 
  8. Zinc Oxide 
  9. Distilled Water

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