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How To Make: Scent Free Pure Baby Lotion Malaysia

Hi all.
In today's how to series ill be showing you how to make a scent free pure baby lotion.

Babies when they are born have the most delicate skin.

Unfortunately most commercial products uses mineral oils and it clogs the pores of your baby.

Over time unfortunately the skin gets really dried and then generally moms will add more skincare on the baby's skin to prevent it to get dryer.

However; did you know that most commercial product is made using mineral oils since it is cheap?

So the resulting skin is of course the same; dryer and dryer skin up to finally one day' you baby's skin will tend to get irritated easily and finally eczema:-(

So for today's how to series; ill be teaching you guys how to make a lotion for your baby to be used from day one.

This lotion is unscented and we are not even adding any essential oils so this is suitable for newborn. If you have not read about the Danger of Using Essential Oil on babies, Click here.

Since i wanted something that is really luxurious and very moisturising; I'm using mango butter in this recipe.

Mango butter comes from the seeds of mango and it has a lot of nutrients and vitamins that is very much suitable for inflamed skin and also to prevent further inflammation of skin.

This means that when use mango butter on skin it treats a skin imitation and it also prevents its from becoming more irritated.

I personally used mango butter on my daughter's nappy rash and it work like magic so i really really swear by this ingredient:-)


  1. Sensitive Skin
  2. New Born Baby
  3. Inflamed Eczema Skin


  1. SoapLab’s Mango Butter 
  2. SoapLab’s E-Wax
  3. SoapLab’s Cetyl Alcohol
  4. Liquid Germal Plus
  5. Vitamin E additive 
  6. Distilled Water

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  1. Can i replace the mango butter with shea butter?

    1. yes u can replace butter with butter. but fro this recipe if you want it to work the way its suppose to (the benefits) i suggest you dont change anything:-)


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