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How To Make: Breakfast Buttercream Lips Scrub (For easily injured Lips)

hi. in today's how to series ill be showing you how to make Breakfast Buttercream Lip Scrub.
This lip scrub is for those who wants something thats softer and doesn't give too 'scrubby' effect on lips.

Just mild and its the most suitable for those lips that are easily injured by using regular sugar scrubs.

This recipe uses oatmeal (from any grocery store).

Oatmeal is very soft and adding this as a lip scrub is a brilliant way to have a lip scrub for someone with irritated lips or those who have 'lips eczema'.

We have also added Shea butter in this for its moisturising & therapeutic effect or eczema.

Its then topped up with the sweet scent of Buttercream Flavouring oil.

If you are making any lips product its important that you use lips flavouring oil and not a fragrance or essential oil as they are very strong. Food flavouring oil cant be used as well as they are not oil soluble and will shorten the expiry of your cosmetic product.

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