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How To Start A Business Legally In Malaysia

Hi All.
Today ill be showing you steps on how to start your business legally in Malaysia.
To do business in Malaysia you must have a business licence:
So heres the first thing you got to do!
Get your business registered in SSM!

If you are just starting out; you can register enterprise first and it doesn't matter what your brand is called. You can even register as your own name but DO IT! I know that you will take a long time to do this because you know; you havent found the perfect name yet etc; so put it as your name if you need to. This is a business licence. Your brand can always be something else. Like when i first started my enterprise was some other name. But the name SoapLab was a brand that later on when became sustianable; i had changed it to LLP, and later Sdn Bhd. 
Ps: you can put your name example in ssm i can call it as nisha enterprise (if you don have a brand yet). After that your brand can be called as this: ABC by nisha enterprise. 
Another option you can sign up for is LLP (perkongsian limited terhad) if you dont want enterprise.
You can even start a sdn bhd company (solo) according to the latest 2017 act but if you are just starting i would choose enterprise (rm30-60/yr) or LLP (RM500 lifetime) first.
Heres a comparison that compares these three entity the best. Hope it helps you :-)

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