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How To Start Selling Products

In creating or starting product this is the basic way to do it:
  1.  Idea of what product --> the best way look at the problem a group of people are facing. Focus on solving that problem
  2. Create the product--> there are two ways ( either you OEM or do handmade) we in SoapLab are pro handmade (RM100-200) because you can make very little, try to sell, and based on feedback you can improve your product. If oem you are stuck with a lot of product and it requires high capital up front (RM 3000-5000) Whenever you are ready for OEM; you can contact us at 
  3. Set Marketing and sales strategy. How are you going to sell? Thru flea market? Dropshipping? Online channel? Create your advertisement/flyers as required
  4. Set pricing strategy according to this
  5. Start selling. U can sell in all free channels such as facebook, selling groups, instagram, office, blogging, youtube. (All is free!)
  6. Make sure get back feedback -positive testimonial or any problems
  7. Improve your product based on feedback. Use positive feedback in your marketing
  8. Repeat the above!
Easy right? hope this helps you slightly:-)

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