Equipments Needed To Start Making Handmade Soap & Skincare

Saturday, 13 January 2018

The Ultimate Starter Kit for Homemade Beauty Products

We’ve all been reading the wonderful recipes and watching skincare videos not just from SoapLab but from all over the world. 

Now, it is time to get started making them! Trust us, you’ll never look back.  

Luckily you don’t need too many things, and they are mostly inexpensive kitchen or lab equipment which are easily found in stores and online. 

We’ve found that everything on our list can be bought at either IKEA or Daiso.


Let’s begin with what you need to protect yourself and also your product from contamination
  1. Apron: to protect the clothes you are wearing
  2. Disposable gloves: to protect hands from any raw chemical
  3. Goggles: to be used when working with any recipes which splatter a lot. Only If you are the clumsy type :-)
  4. Hair net: to avoid hair getting into the product
  5. Rubbing Alcohol: To kill off germs (dont worry it will evaporate so you wont have any left in your products)


Next, we move on to what we need for measuring
  1. A digital weighing scale
  2. In some cases, a thermometer if the recipe calls for it.


Finally, we need our tools for stirring mixing and prepping the products
  1. Spatula, spoons, hand whisk: for scooping and mixing
  2. Electric hand whisk: for whipping body butters and for ingredients that are quick to attain the required consistency.
  3. Electric stick blender: for creating emulsions like creams or lotions
  4. Small glass bowls: for prepping additions to the product (i.e. essential oils, fragrance oils, extracts, color etc)  
  5. Glass bowls/ silicone bowls for mixing
  6. Two saucepans, one slightly smaller than the other (to create a *bain marie/ double boiler) or Microwave or Induction Cooker
*A Bain Marie/ double boiler is a method to heat items without getting them in direct contact with the heat source. This is a fool-proof way to ensure even heating and prevent burning.

Now you know everything that you need to start creating your personalized beauty products at home, have fun!

If you have any questions leave us a comment 😊


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