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CASHFLOW BOARDGAME: A Game That Change My Thinking Forever

2008; CASHFLOW BOARDGAME- the game that change my thinking like forever. Like seriously changed my LIFE! 
I went with my friend ivory for this game: that time in Kuching. Time tu i didnt even know what did i sign up for but Ivo said that its like monopoly. Since i bosan (u knw kuching gets very boring at night😜) i pun joinla.
That time i think there was like 10table filled with ppl (probably 10-12 players per table). Nampak dahsyat gila! All suit up while i was in my jeans😓
I didnt understand the game that time; but since its a ‘game’ try je la. Bukannya kena guna duit betul pun. Little did i know it was going to change me forever! 
For those who dont know; this cashflow game is created by Robert Kiyosaki ; the author of rich dad poor dad. (That time didnt even know about the book’s existence. I prefered reading Judith Mcnaught’s historical romance vs ‘boring business’ non fiction books like this😓)
So anyways in this game; your aim is to get out of the rat race.
So how one gets out of rat race; you’ve gt to make sure your annual passive income is more than your annual expenses and you are out la;) nampak senang kan.
In this game you will be given a ‘job’ and your expenses. All players mmg akan get ‘savings’ mostly 10% of salary. The whole game is there to mimic our real life scenario.
So i choose doctor (since im a pharmacist and since no pharmacist as job there; the closest ‘high income’ is doctor so i took that). There were many other jobs like janitor, teacher etc. I decided to take the ‘high’ paying job sebab like everyone else; i thought a high paying job will make me win the ‘game’ faster.
And so the game starts: during the game; we had a lot of ‘oppurtunities (like rumah rental, stock at cheap price, loan etc) and you will also hv expenses ( like you have kids: they are expenses, beli new car, big beach front house, you car broke down, your wife went crazy shopping etc) all yg mmg happens in real life. Yg expenses you don have a choice; it will just come to you wether you like it or not🙄
That time i didnt understand the game; so i decided to do what i was taught dr kecik; pay off my debt. Pay off car, pay off education loan (since i choose doctor mmg banyakla. It was exactly like my real life since i had RM 80k ptptn loan that time- baru graduate kan😭)
Main punya main the game; all i did was to go work, end of month dpt paycheck, pay my expense and debt and the same thing repeats the next month. This went on for quite sometime. Gaji naik a bit but expenses naik banyak (anak la, kahwin etc). Without me realising; we were already playing the game for close to 5hours and it was past midnight. 
Then suddenly; the speaker said “ok all; semua kena retrench. All out of job indefinitely, Count how many months/ years can you survive without your salary! “. 
That one basically kena kira savings ada berapa + asset + networth +passive income/ monthly expenses)! And guess what! I only could survive 13 days!! 
I was the only one in tht room of probably 100+ ppl who could survive 13 days! Yg lain mostly could survive 1 yr above and some were able to survive eternally! 
Malu gila coz i was the only one standing there! And i did exactly what i was told to do since young! So how come boleh be the only one standing? Yg kalah teruk? It got me thinking! Eh bukan ke ppl said study hard, get high paying job and life is set? Thats what i heard since darjah 1 and thats why i decided to be a pharmacist! (Didnt want to become a doctor sebab kena study banyak😓)
Heres how i played the game:
1) dapat gaji
2) beli rumah (once had family)
3) pay debt for car, hse and edu loan
4) went to work everyday
Thats pretty much normal la kan; and yet, i lost. I was still in the ‘rat race’ as what robert kiyosaki said. Like a hamster on the wheel yg tak habis2 pusing😭
Cos of that malu, and realization la; From that day onwards; i decided to learn how to become the one who could live wealthy forever even without any paycheck. 
But how?? Sebab my gaji that time minus all my expenses; i only had 10% savings! Exactly like in the game😓
And so thats when i decided; to start my nail polish online business on top of my 8-5 job; and all the profit frm there was something i saved to the ‘escape rat race fund’. 
Thats y i was so into making RM1000 pun i don care. Coz sedikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. 
When i got the first rm1000 and put it into ASN, everymonth it became an addiction to put in more the next month. Thats how the online busienss grew.(that time i wasnt familiar about other investments. Belum study it😝)
And that was 10 yrs ago but till today ill never forget this lesson; and for that im so grateful for this board game. 
Why am i telling you this? Coz for me; it changed me. And so for those of you who have the chance; do play this game once. It hd such a huge impact on me and i hope; it will help you too😘😘
This game applies to all ya. Doesnt matter what you work as. it doenst matter how much u earn. What matters is how u save. If you make a million and spend 2 million pun no use! The janitor yg make 1000, saves 500 tu is ‘richer’ than you🤣🤣
P/S: im not being paid for this. I just love what robert kiyosaki teaches. Im a fan and i would love to share his work to you

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