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How i Got Started With Online Business in 2008

2008. I started my first online business. That time i was obsessed with nail polish and i started a blog called nailgalore. And from there a nailpolish ecommerce site called nailfiesta.com
I was just talking to a fren about it over dinner. When i started; online shopping was kind of new. FB just started; IG’s tak wujud pun lagi and online busienss in Malaysia; no one knew how it was going to live up. Dahla that time .com bubble just burst. 
Basically; it was bad sign everywhere to start an online business. Two people who were so called business tycoon told me that i will not survive. It was terrible basically with all negative remarks everywhere..

But i still remember what my best friend nadiah said; buat jela! Get rm1000/ month on top of you pharmacy salary ok what! Save that! 
So i did it! The only reason i did it; was coz i wanted extra rm1k as saving so that i could try out investments around. I never started it thinking it was going to grow to what it had become. 
Fast farward; it survived till 2014. And we had sales of rm20-40k monthly. (Not much but for me it meant the world coz it was on top of my 8-5job that i loved. It paid for my rental, my wedding, our renovation. I was debt free coz of this busienss) 
I closed my doors for Nailfiesta.com on aug 2014 when my daughter was born as i was no longer interested in that business..then of course i started another business but lets save it for other time😬
But the moral of the story is; if i had listened to everyone around me; i wouldnt have gone on with tht business (enterprise it was). But i started it because it was something that suplemented my income and if i could do it again: i would. The only thing i wanted was to get RM 1k extra monthly. Had i look at it as a business; i wouldnt have even started it. 
So kesimpulannya; for those who are hesitating to take the steps to start a business. Don look at it as a business initially. When u think of it as a busienss; you will think about all the ‘headache’ it comes with. Just think that you are doing this; to make the 1k extra that will get into your savings or education or whatever. After that; start increasing the sales by 10% monthly. 
Before you know it; you would have already build a busienss around you😘😘.. i hope this inspires some of you.. just like how it did for my fren just now.
P/S: heres some pictures i used to take in the morning before i go to the hospital i work. Pagi2 ill wake up, letak nail polish, ambik gambar with my canon EOS 500D 🤩🤩 Luckily i worked in kuching and its bright at 6am. So ok la:) i still remember those days i used to change my nail polish twice a day (ikut baju hehe). And now looking at my nails: i think i last painted or did anything to it was a month ago.. 😓price i got to pay being a lazy mom 🤣

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