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Using Argan Oil In Hair Products

Hi all.

Since we are doing hair care series for last week and next; i thought of talking about one of the main ingredients that will be used in these hair care series: Argan Oil (Argania spinosa.)

Argan oil in SoapLab Malaysia is from morocco and its one of the best selling oils SoapLab after Coconut and Olive oil.

Its favored for skincare and lips care and now im preety sure its going to be our client's favourite in hair care series.

The composition in argan oils are: carotene (37%), tocopherol (8%), triterpene alcohols (20%), sterols (20%) and xantophylles (5%).

When converted to lay man it means that it contains carotene (vitamin A) that gives the orangish brownish color to argan oil (so dont ask me for clear ones because thats not a real argan oil!), contains tocopherol (Vitamin E), Triterpene alcohol & Sterols (Naturally accuring steroids), and xantophylles (similar to carotene)

So what does this means to haircare products?

Carotene & Xantophylles:

Vitamin A is well known for skin proliferation (growth of new tissue); which means using argan oils in your hair care products will promote hair growth. now isnt that a wonderful ingredient to have in your skincare?

Triterpene & Sterols: 

These are naturally occurring steroids.By having them in Argan oil it means that it helps in inflammation and itch. So having argan oil in hair care series will help in scalp problems such as psoriasis and eczema, and it would also prevent itch.


Vitamin E found in argan oil is two times higher than those found in olive oil (620 mg/kg vs. 320 mg/kg). 

It means it contains higher 'anti-oxidant' causing argan oil to have a long shelf life as vitamin E will prevent the argan oil to become rancid fast (read here about antioxidants and rancidity). 

As antioxidant; this too helps in increasing hair growth.

How Much Of Argan Oil Can I Use In Hair Care Series?

You can use it up to 100%.

Where is SoapLab's Argan Oil From?

SoapLab is getting our Argan Oil directly from Morocco. 

Did you know? Whenever you purchase Argan oil from SoapLab; you are helping 2.2 million women in Argan Oil producing region; Arganeraie.These women are mostly workers of this facilities and are hired to manually extract the oils for us. 
By doing so; the cooperations provides fund for their's and their childrens' education. It also gives them some self confidence in the male dominated society they live in and helps them to be aware of their rights.

I just love the story of argan oil and so because of that; i'm totally in love with this oil:-)So remember guys; the next time you buy argan oil; be proud; because you are not only using a great oil for your products; you are also helping many women out there to regain self confidence; and for that : THANK YOU! 

Love; Nisha

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