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Why use Emulsifiers (Like Polysorbate, E-wax) in Skincare?

hi all,
today ill be answering another common FAQ by our clients.
many wants to make their own skincare but most dont know what ingredients arefor what and so today we will be talking about the emulsifiers.

Why do we need to use emulsifiers?

We use emulsifiers in situations where you want to mix a water based ingredient with oil based ingredient.

When you try to mix oil and water; it wouldn't mix. therefore there are only two ways to 'mix' them. actually there are three: mixing vigorously before using, heating up the skincare to mix it and use while hot, or by adding emulsifier; an ingredient that binds both these oil and water together.

How many type of emulsifier are there?

there are many emulsifiers available in the market and to use them its according to the HLB (hydrophilic lipophile balance) system. very completed system but you dont have to worry much about it as I've studied it greatly during pharmacy school days (we used to make creams and lotions;Compounding)

In SoapLab we have: polysorbate- 20 & 80, and ewax.

if you are making a low oil, high water amount products; like serums, face mist etc;
use the polysorbate. You can read further about it here on which to use when.

if you are planning to make something that has more than 5% oils; and want something that is 'thick' like cream or lotion; use the ewax. (emulsifiying wax)

Can I not use emulsifiers?

Yes you can but if you dont over time the product will separate (oil and water), so the alternatve then would be to ask users to shake before use; or heat before use (but be caution with heat as can burn skin).

i hope this short article helps you to understand more:-)

if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below for a direct reply from me; Nisha.


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