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Are Fragrance Oil Made From Oil?

Hi good morning. Today ill be talking about fragrance oil and wether the ones in SoapLab; those skin safe range are they oil based or alcohol based? Are they safe?

Now before we get into details on those questions; lets first talk about how fragrance oil are made?

Fragrance oil are made using: essential oil, synthetic aroma components (lab made scent) and aroma resins.

These fragrances are usually man made in lab and at times may or may not contain natural extracts depending on the scent they are trying to create. (If they wanted to create strawberry fragrance; its impossible to get the extract from strawberry because the real strawberry has no smell! If jasmine based fragrance; usually its extracted from real jasmine flower (the scent component only) and its amplified and recreated in lab so that the ‘scent’ part becomes dominant. If its pure essential oil; it has more components like the scent plus all those others for therapeutic benefits. For fragrance since the scent is the only thing important; scientist only extracts the scent part.

So anyways; now that we know these are the three main things in making pure fragrance oil; you will get this sticky thick fragrance oil. Now since FO cant be used like that (sticky, different viscosity) the manufacturer will have to add solvent/diluents to ‘dissolve’ it to make it more ‘watery’. 

Most fragrances; uses solvents like DEP (Di Ethyl Phthalate) or diluents like DPG (dipropylene glycol) in their fragrances. These ingredients are quite ‘dangerous’ for skin and are not skin safe. You know you are using these FO with these diluents and solvents when you make cold process soap and your soap siezes. Those CP soaps are very ‘sensitive’ and if you use the fragrances with these ingredients; will sure become ‘keras’ fast and sieze. So dont use these fragrances. Bazir! Hence the reason ive mention few times in previous post to always check with your supplier the kind of fragrances they are carrying.

Most of the fragrances that are for candles, and aromatheraphy contains these ingredients because its ‘better’ for burning and nice smell at home. 
Since soap and skincare making industry in Malaysia is quite new; its quite impossible to find fragrances that are specifically for cosmetic in Malaysia.

 Like the ones SoapLab has does not contain any of these diluents and are 100% phtlate free fragrances. The ones we have are made using phtlate free solvent and some are diluted with  oils (like refined coconut oils) but most strong smelling ones are 100% pure so you dont have to use much.

Bare in mind though: we do not encourage you to use more than 5% on soap products and for body and skin; you should use only 2% and below. It can cause reaction if use at higher than these dosages (everything thats good can get dangerous if not used as instructed:)) 

So here its is; one more of your queries answered:) 
If you have any question; you are welcomed to comment below; or even whtsapp 0126643817. Our customer service team are always there to help you through this DIY skincare journey of yours. To purchase ingredients you can whtsapp the same number as well:) 

Thank you for reading;

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