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How I formulate Creamy Sugar Scrub Part 1

So today was the day i did an experiment.
For months now i wanted to make a creamy sugar scrub. We alsways use our Jojoba Lotion Base or Shea Olive Cream Base to make our sugar scrub. 
Unfortunately though; due to the water content inside these bases; most of the time the sugar will melt or become softer (when we add course sugar).

Most recipes outside uses butter or oil as base so that the sugar doesnt melt. However; it will result in those sugar not being suspended properly and you could actually see a layer of oil separated from the sugar in those scrub.

Today; since i was at home; i decided to formulate another way to make the scrub creamy; but at the same time the sugar still in its form (doesnt melt)

Since what we need for the sugar to not ‘melt’ is it needs to be in oil phase base.But at the same time; as a user: i hate the oily scrub. It takes ages to wash off from my skin, and it makes the bathroom oily too😓

So anyways; it got me thinking; the type of base we would want is something thats hard; and something thats less oily. 

So in this experiment; I'm using beeswax as the hardener; and hydrogenated castor oil as the oil-water like texture since its an emulsifier. 

Will see the results tomorrow! Wish me luck! 

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