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How To Remove Shea Butter From Skin & Hair

Heres another frequently asked question on why its very difficult to remove butter (shea butter/cocoa butter/mango butter) when applied difectly to skin or hair.

As you can see; most of the time body butter’s recipe is mostly butter and oils and so so it makes sense if you just whip up some butters like shea and just use it directly right?

Well wrong unfortunately:( it may work in those cold weather area but not in a hot humid country such as Malaysia.

When applied directly these butters are suppose to moisturise our skin. However; since the weather here is too humid; the butter tends to feel sticky againts our skin. Doesnt feel great at all! Unlike if you use it in those cold weather area; its very cold there and dry so these butters feels great on our skin.

So now comes the part for removal. 

Why doesnt it wash off easily with soap and water?

Thats because butters are oil, and water is water:-D, both doesnt mix. Usually you need an emulsifier in between to remove these butters. Soap is not a strong emulsifier. So the best way; is to scrub it off. Can get painful though so do it gently!

Another way i tried before was to pour a handful of hydrogenated castor oil which is an emulsifier on the area where shea butter is applied and rub it off. When touches water; these three ingredients will turn creamy therefore easier to remove.

But why when i use those commercial ones its removed easily?

Most commercial ones are not 100% whipped butter. Most of the time its body butter that contains emulsifier and water; therefore its easily removable. 

What to do if i wanted to use butter on skin?

The best way would be to make a body butter with emulsifier and water. My favorite is usually 80% butter, and the remaining water and ewax. Works great! But i dont use them here in Malaysia unless ive been in aircond for a long week.

My suggestion; make cream or lotion instead if you wanted to enjoy shea butter or any butter in your moisturiser. 

Hope this post helps:) 

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