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Why Does Adding Dried Flower Into Soap Turns Brown After Some Time?

Why does the soap turn brown with flower petals

Hi guys. Today ill be talking about adding dried flowers into your soap and why it turns the whole soap brown

If you usually soap with rose petals or lavender and had problem with your soap turning brown after sometime; you are not alone. Many have that problem and guess what; we did too!

Adding flower petals on and in the soaps are just so gorgeous; but unfortunately it will turn brown after few weeks😓 depending on the soap; usually melt and pour soaps will turn brown faster compared to cold process soap.

There are some articles that mentioned that by ‘spraying’ the surface of flower with rubbing alcohol will stop the petals to become brown but unfortunately it didnt work for us:( 

There were also articles that mentioned that using a closed flower (buds) vs petals will lessen the ‘browning’. Well after experimenting; it worked for some and didnt work for others. Using rose buds and chamomile buds were better in ‘color retention’ vs using other ‘buds’ like lavender that became really brown😓

For petals; we found out that using marigold/celendula petals didnt turn brown as compared to using rose petals. 

We are still trying to discover what is the reason for it but for now; we can only conclude that its because of malaysian hot weather. During rainy season it didnt turn as brown as during ‘hot-blazing sun season’. 

So conclusion is: use petals like celendula or buds like rose and chamomile if you wanted to add flowers into your soap. Adding them in cold process soap will be better than adding into MP soap. 

P/S: Another thing you should always ask yourself is this; why are you adding them in? You know that nutrients from these ‘dried’ flowers is almost none; you might as well add extract or essential oil instead of this if you are adding it for the ‘benefit’.

If you are adding for the ‘look’, nowdays you can actually get those russian piping tube thats used in bakery that gives a gorgeous floral look. Maybe you can check that out instead:)

Hope you found this post useful:) if you need any help; please dont hesitate to comment below.

Thank you for reading;


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