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How to use hydrogenated castor oil

Hi good morning guys.. today ill be talking about how to use SoapLab’s Hydrogenated Castor oil.

What is Hydrogenated Castor Oil?

Hydrogenated Castor Oil is an emulsifier that ‘helps’ mixing water and oil together in a product. Its similar to polysorbate (here).
Most product doesnt only have water phase or oil phase. Its usually a combination of both; therefore you will have to add emulsifier to mix them

Why use hydrogenated Castor Oil instead of Polysorbate?

You can use polysorbate; only they are brown in colour; which can make your product unattractive at times. Hydrogenated Castor Oil on the other hand is clear = more attractive final product.

When To Use Hydrogenated Castor Oil?

Use hydrogenated castor oil when you want to form an oil in water emulsion. It means if you product contain mostly water; and a little bit oil: add hydrogenated castor oil.

Example when adding essential oil into face mist, or adding coconut oil into serum etc. 

How much to use? 

You can use up to 10% of hydrogenated castor oil but the calculation can be confusing; therefore i usually stick to 1:1or 1:2 ratio of the oil vs hydrogenated castor oil. 

Example if my serum is to have 0.5% of essential oil, then i would premix the EO with hydrogenated castor oil 0.5%-1% then add it into my product.

Also; i would stick to oils in the final product to be lesser than 1%. I found that using more oils in water product didnt ‘mix’ if its more than 1% even with hydrogenated castor oil. If you want to add more than 1% of oil; i suggest you making it into ‘lotion’ first using ewax (a totally different formulation thats taught in our lotion & cream making class)

I hope this helps the next time you use hydrogenated castor oil. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, thank you for reading

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