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Soap Lab's Natural Melt & Pour Soap Base (100% Natural, Handmade, SLS/SLES Free, 100% Vegetarian)

You asked and your wish is our command! After 6 months of experimenting, we would like to present to you our very own version of melt and pour soap that doesn't have any SLS or SLES. Its made from pure coconut oil and other oils and its so natural it can't get any better!
The main ingredients in these soap bases (Layman term) are: Pure coconut oil, vegetarian glycerin, sugar (cane) water (70%), table salt, propylene glycol (from natural source; food grade), Citric Acid, and sodium hydroxide (wood ash).

When i made this soap base, the thing that was in mind was that i wanted a soap base that was like a cold processed soap. i wanted it to be fully made from pure oils and without any sles that the existing soap base had. so here we are:-)

We have 7 types of soap bases and they are: Kita mempunyai 7 jenis soap base di Soap Lab. Ianya adalah:

  1. Coconut Soap Base
  2. Coconut-Olive Soap Base 
  3. Shea Butter Soap Base
  4. Buttermilk Soap Base 
  5. Honey Buttermilk Soap Base
  6. Aloe Vera Soap Base
These soapbases are all handmade and so we know exactly what ingredients goes in and how much we put in so be assured that we do put a lot of all the goody stuff and not just few drops:-)
These soap bases are made using pure oils such as pure coconut oil, pure olive oil, and unrefined shea butter etc. However, since all these soapboxes are handmade, there might be a variation from batches to batches (we try our best to make sure they are all the same but sometimes human error is not forgivable:-()
Kesemua soapbase ini dibuat sendiri di SoapLab oleh itu kami mempunyai control sepenuhnya untuk semua bahan yang dimasukkan kedalamnya. Semasa membuatnya, benda-benda yang bagus sepert butter etc memang kita masukkan sebanyak yang boleh dan bukan beberapa titik sahaja seperti yang dibuat di kilang. Kesemua soap base ini dibuat daripada lemak minyak tumbuhan seperti Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Minyak Kelapa. 

We do not put any detergent inside (SLS or SLES) therefore these are SLS/SLES free products. Due to this this soap base are lesser cleansing as compared to our SLES containing soap bases here. If you are looking for a soap base that very gentle to the skin, this (SLS/SLES free soap base ) will be a better option. If you are looking for a soap base 
Didalam soapbase ini kami tidak letak bahan bahan seperti SLS yang akan menyebabkan alahan kulit terhadap sesetengah orang. Namun demikian ia mempunyai lemak acid daripada tumbuhan yang kami proses sendiri dipanggil sodium laureth (daripada lauric acid yang dijumpai dalam minyak kelapa). Fungsi Sodium Laureth ini adalah untuk membersihkan kulit kita apabila mandi. 

As for Animal fat usage, be assured that everything in Soap Lab is vegetarian based (Plant based) ingredients. Even the glycerin and propylene glycol is plant based so for those Muslim and Vegan customers who are not sure wether product is Halal or not, Don't worry because everything is plant based:-) We don't even spray alcohol to remove the bubble because we are so against it as it is so so drying to the user and maker (our soap lab team).
Di Dalam soap base buatan soaplab ini kami memang tidak letak lemak haiwan. Kesemua bahan yang digunakan semuanya vegetarian (hanya bahan dari tumbuh tumbuhan sahaja). Oleh itu glycerin yang digunakan adalah daripada tumbuhan dan bukannya daripada lemak haiwan seperti yang didapati di kebanyakan soap base lain. Alkohol juga tidak digunakkan di dalam soap base ini kerana ianya sangat mengeringkan kulit.

Untuk mendapatkan SIJIL HALAL bagi bahan bahan didalam soap base, sila email ke: soaplabmalaysia@gmail.com     

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