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Manufacturing For Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeons. A Reflection of Life..

Yesterday was a day for me to reflect back on how life has turned for me and i just feel so grateful every single day! .

Just 5 yrs ago; i was in massive debt (around RM300k when i had to close my Skin Pharmacy pharmacy retail store that custom makes eczema & psoriasis skincare), no job, had student loans to pay, and was pregnant; 

And in just short 5 yrs; we are manufacturing skincare products specially for eczema and psoriasis to dermatologist & cosmetic surgeons in countries like China, India and middle east. .

Im just glad that i didnt quit even though everybody i knew around me told me so and every inch of fibre inside me wanted to too. I continued doing what i had to do because i just didnt have a choice. .

And i guess when one is in rock bottom; its not like we have anything to loose anymore but just to go up. .

So the point here is no matter what you are going through, however hard it is right now fo you; know that its just temporary;) who knows in five years time where you will be:) what matters is you start first, and keep going

Im a nobody; and though its not huge (for me it is); and ordinary person like me can do it; you can too.

P/S: Yes we do manufacturing. However; we only manufacture plant based products in huge quantity. PLease do not request for 100-200pcs quantity as we cant do such small amount as the cost of manufacturing is very high. Also; please do not request for 'miracle product' as for those the products will have to use stronger chemicals which i dont want to make. Sorry;(

If all is ok; please send in an email to sales@soaplabmalaysia.com with specification of products you would like to make. Thank you.


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