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How to keep up the momentum in business (for small business owner)

Good morning guys..
So.. its monday 😓 and heres a non business question i got asked last week. Like how do i keep up my ‘motivation’? How do i achieve my ‘goals’? Well guess what?? Like you; im no superwoman. I have days im down (most of the week🤣); my fav day of the week is Friday (except if on Sat i hv classes then i dont like fridays coz ill be getting anxiety attacks😖). Basically almost 80% of the time; im in low mood. So how do i achieve things? .

Hmm🤔 truthfully; i don know. But lets look at the project i have in hand now. This year; i was going to dedicate my ‘life’ to health and fitness. Ive tried many things this year that failed me miserably and in April this year; i was at the peak of my ‘worst’ health. I had 8 months to go before the year ends and i decided to stick and tweak the things i know worked before💪🏻 now making a plan: its easy! You just need paper and pen and hours in the toilet🤪 .

But executing is difficult! And since i really dont like to workout; i decided to do it first thing in the morning (on the side note did you know when you don like something; you actually have fear of doing it? Getting it done first thing in the morning conquers that fear and you will feel accomoplished and ‘ready’ for the whole day. Try it! At least shower with cold water and you see what happens😬) So anyways; for me: sometimes just coz i dont want to workout first thing in the morning: i just dont ‘wake up’🤣. But i realise that preparing ahead helps! Now days i sleep in my workout clothes, shoes all ready so when i wake up; there is like a flow: step 1, step 2 etc.. so far by doing this starting from April; i have at least 70++% success rate (im not perfect!🙄) but it helps and it reduces these mind fights i hv in my lizard brain every morning wether i shd do it or not😊 .

So my answer is; how to get motivated all tge time? Well i dont. I just get a plan ready and stick to the routines and consistently doing it. 💪🏻 its just been 3 months of me following what im doing; and i feel like its the best ive felt after my first pregnancy. If i can do it: so can you💪🏻💪🏻 .

How bout you? How do you stick to a plan? How do you boost your motivation

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