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DIY: Unicorn Body Polish (For Dry & Flaky Skin)

Hi good morning guys.
Today ill be showing you how to make an unicorn body polish that is specifically for people with dry and sensitive skin.

As you know; people are going crazy about unicorn these days.
My two little girls have more unicorn themed toys than any other toys. Even most shops/ popped up stores you see around the mall today is all about unicorns so I don’t think its only a ‘kiddi’ thing. I’m sure teenagers and adults love it too hence I did this body polish looking somewhat like unicorn:-D

In this recipe; we are using New SoapLab’s Foaming Body Butter Base. This body butter base is made 100% preservative free, and sulphate free!

It’s like a butter, feels like butter; but when you run it under water; it becomes foamy. Made using glycerin, castor oil, and shea butter; this foaming body butter is just so nourishing and moisturizing on skin. You will definitely feel like you are in spa!

To make it into a ‘body polish’ I added sugar. In terms of sugar you can add any kind of sugar you want depending on the site of application. If you are using it on face; use a finer sugar, while if body; use a more coarse ones.

Since this Foaming Body Butter doesn’t have water; your sugar wouldn’t melt:-)

Who should Use This Body Polish?

  1. People with dry flaky skin
  2. People with Psoriasis (that has flaky skin)
  3. People with sensitive skin (but no wound)
  4. Anyone who needs mild exfoliation on skin (can also be used on oily skin)

Who Should Not Use This Body Polish?

  1. People with open wound (wait till wound dried up)
  2. People with active stage eczema (if you have ‘blisters”)
  3. People who are allergic to latex (you maybe allergic to shea butter)
  4. People with known allergies to the ingredients


  1. SoapLab’s Foaming Body Butter (Preservative Free)
  2. salt/sugar
  3. Neon Purple
  4. Peach Pink Mica
  5. Green Mica
  6. Glycerin (to dilute mica)
  7. SoapLab’s Fragrance Oil Of Choice (Phthalate Free)

Video On How To Make:

Download Recipe On How To Make:

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