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How To Make Dates (Kurma) Body Wash For Rashes and Red Skin


Hi all; this week in conjunction to Ramadan; we decided to share with you a recipe to make bodywash using dates extract.

Ill be writing more about dates and its phytochemistry soon. However; for now; know that dates is a superfood that contains a lot of antioxidants, and vitamins that works on wrinkly face to give an anti aging like effect.

Besides that; because of the anti oxidant; it also helps one with problematic skin like rashes, and red inflamed skin; usually seen in people with Dermatitis and psoriasis. 

So basically; if you have the following skin condition; this dates body wash is perfect for you:

  1. Aging skin
  2. Rashes and problematic skin
  3. Sensitive skin
  4. Skin with lots of scars and dried wound.
As for the scent; we have decided on SoapLab’s Skin Safe Berries Scent. Reason? Because we wanted something ‘sweet’ just like the dates:-)

Recipe To Make 1kg Body Wash

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Natural Coconut Liquid Soap
  2. 50g Dates Extract
  3. 10g-50g SoapLab’s Berries Fragrance Oil
  4. Some soap base for thickening *OPTIONAL (click here to view how to thicken) 

Video How To Make

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