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Formulation Basics: How To Convert Percentage To Weight


Last weekend we had a Lotion Formulation Class for people who wanted to do business and i came to realize that I'm getting more and more ‘advanced’ without realizing that my students might not understand if i go too ‘fast’.

At times i get so excited about a topic and i can spend months talking about it and researching it that when i discuss it; i always forget that the person i talk to might not know the topic as i know and i think thats the problem i have.

And so in today’s formulation basics, i want to talk to you guys about the very basics in formulation: about how to convert percentage to weight. 

I know its just maths; but im sure a lot of you dont really know about this and so i would like to teach you this basics.

Now; ive mentioned this a zillion times; when it comes to making cosmetic products; please please please dont follow recipes that gives you measurement in cups, or spoons, or drops. 

We are making cosmetics here, not food. I know how ‘badly’ you want it to be ‘food like’ and you are making it in your kitchen but no guys; this is not food. This is cosmetics. And it uses science. 

When making food; we want it to taste nice; and thats why its usually made using spoons and cups. Its just getting the proportions nice. And anyone who cooks knows that; even if you follow a recipe to the t; you will never get the same taste as the original recipe. Why? Coz the cups you are using and the cups the recipe are using is different. And thats why its not going to be the same.

But when it comes to cosmetics; you need it to be perfect. It must be correct. There is no ‘agak-agak’ in this. Its not food. Its meant to give you effects. And if you want it to be safe; follow the formulation!

And so; enough of rambling. Lets look at formulation. 

Lets say we want to make Lip Balm.

And the formulation is:

  1. Beeswax 10%
  2. Shea Butter 60%
  3. Sweet Almond Oil 28%
  4. SoapLab’s Buttercream Flavoring Oil 2%
So how do we convert them to weight?
Easy peasy. Its just maths

A%/B% X weight (g) =Yg

So lets say we want to make 100g of the Lip Balm. It would be:

Beeswax 10%

( 10/100) x (100g) = 10g
So beeswax =10g

Shea Butter 60%

( 60/100) x (100g) = 60g

Sweet Almond Oil 28%

( 28/100) x (100g) = 28g

SoapLab’s Buttercream Flavoring Oil 2%

( 2/100) x (100g) = 2g

So the final formula to make a 100g Butter Cream lip balm is
  1. Beeswax 10g
  2. Shea Butter 60g
  3. Sweet Almond Oil 28g
  4. SoapLab’s Buttercream Flavoring Oil 2g
If lets say later on you want to change the weight to more like 25kg or 100kg , all you have to do is change the weight above to 25kg or 100kg. And you will get the same feel, same effect, same product again and again.

Try it:-)


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