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Handmade Soaps & Product Needs KKM Registation? Rent Our Factory For A Day!


Hi welcome to SoapLab Malaysia.

Im Nisha, one of the co founder of SoapLab Malaysia. 

Who Am I:

Im a pharmacist by profession and have 15 years of experience dealing with Skin patients, and regulatory board (NPRA). 

I started SoapLab Malaysia because i was fed up with The lie we have been told by Pharmaceutical companies and i decided to guide people on caring for their own body and skin by Making own products from scratch.

 I believe that everybody is different and only you kmow what is the best for your body, what are you sensitive to etc. 

You can read more about my story here

Challenges By Handmade Product Business Owner:

For today’s post; im going to share with you a way you can build your handmade product business  and grow further 

One of the biggest challenges handmade soap or product makers have to grow their business is KKM registration (notification)

Its something they cant do because the notification requires your products to be done in a GMP factory and since you are making at home; you cant register your products.

What Is My Solution? 

So for this; i have a solution for you.

I was equally dissapointed on how handmade business owner who puts their heart and sweat into their product, who knows what they are doing better than most founder outside; that pours their love into making their products couldnt grow their business

I obviousky cant change the 1960’s law that requires GMP, but inspired by AirBNB i decided to built a GMP factory

After finally 8 years of saving up (its freaking expemsivešŸ˜­) we now have a GMP factory just for you to rent in a daily basis.

Update 3/4/2022: 
Currently this GMP rental is no longer available as its a grey area that is not allowed by KkM. If you want to get KKM for your handmade product talk to us as we now can make for u in small quantities. Whtsapp us at 0126643817


Here are the charges and why is it charged that way:

You will need to pay

  1. One Time Fees for GMP Training RM  
  2. Daily Rental RM  
  3. Cleaning Fees: RM / Day
  4. Lab Test on final product: RM  (per product) 
  5. KKM Registration: RM  (per product) 
Lets take a look at the breakdown:

One Time GMP Training Fees

So in this training, we will be trainung you how to use the clean room, and procedure to do the documentation. 

Every product that is produced in GMP factory requires a master copy and a batch manufacturing record and numbering. 

We will be guiding you on how to do this documentation as this is your formula and you will have to do this.

Of course ill also be there to guide you incase there is a need to improve the formula so that its in compliance with KKM requirement and so that it gets approved fast. 

After that: we will proceed with NOT registration. Its only after the KKM approves this is when we start production.

Lead Time: 5-7 working days

Daily Rental

This daily rental is charged according to how many days are you using this space.

In a day you can make as many products you want at whatever quantity you want.

Lets say your company has 4 products; you can make all 4 products in a day and only pay for one day rental.

If you are someone who only needs to make one product, you can always share this with another company or your friends who wants to use this place

This rental covers the rent of the space, utilities (we need to on all 15 aircond we have herešŸ„²(GMP requirement), as well as machineries.

Cleaning Fees:

After you are done with your production; you can just leave as is. We will have someone to clean all the machines and the place for you to give it to the next person.

This cleaning includes sanitizing that place according to GMP standard and manpower.

Lab Test:

Now if you wanted to notify your product with KKM, we will need to have a copy of your final product’s lab test.

This is so that we know that the product is clean from contamination, and to make sure that when you have mix the different ingredients, there was no reactions that could cause contamination and further damage the skin of your customers

This is a GMP requirement and we will need it as our record to apply for your product Notification

KKM Notification Fees;

This fees includes all the gmp documentation and the fees to apply for KKM Notification
We encourage users to register the product in your own company and therefore you will need to apply for your own token first before coming to this stage

This fees is for one product. And its valid for 2 years. Means the next time you are making this product you dont have to pay this fees anymore

What If I Want To Bring Outside Ingredients?

Yes you can. However, do ask for COA and MSDS from your supplier.

If your ingredients that you are bringing is in powder form or water based; we will need to do lab test on each ingredient and the fees you can pay directly to the lab.

Why? Because when in powder/ water based form; there is chances of contamination during repacking (maybe by your supplier, or yourself). These ingreidnegs are easily suceptible to microbial contamination and heavy metal.

If we don't do the test; we will never know if its contaminated; and you will add to your products; only to know during the final lab test that your product is contaminated = the whole batch of production have to throw.

Plus; if lets say there was heavy metal contamination, the next user of the factory might get that into their products, which will cause damages to that user.

And so to be safe; we need to do this test. 

The test you will need to do is heavy metal test (RM 170) and microbial test (RM 180). You will be paying directly to the lab for this. 

If lets say your ingredients is from SoapLab; you dont have to pay for this test.

So Whats the Breakdown Like

First Time Making Product

If lets say making one product

Price: GMP Training (RM ) + Rental (Rm ) + Cleaning Fees (Rm ) + KKM NOT (RM )+ Lab Test ( RM ) = RM 

* SoapLab students gets RM  off as we have some of these trainings covered in our classes

If You Are Making 4 Product In A Day:

Price: GMP Training (RM ) + Rental (Rm ) + Cleaning Fees (Rm ) + 4 x KKM NOT (RM )+ 4 x Lab Test ( RM ) = RM  
So price per product: RM 

Next Time Making Product

Now of lets say you finish this already and want to make next batch.

You only pay for the rental fees, and cleaning fees: 

1 product= Rental (RM ) + Cleaning Fees (RM 100) 
               = RM 

4 product= Rental (RM ) + Cleaning Fees (RM 100)
               = RM 

What Can I Do With This?

Now another question you guys might have is why do this KKM notification? Is it just extra cost? Or will it do something?

No Penalty (Fine & Jail Time)

Yes of course it will do something. But most importantly; you dont get penalty for selling products that are not registered in Malaysia.

Did you know that if you get caught by enforcement; the penalty is up to RM 25’000 per product and up to 2 years jail time for first offence, and RM 50’000 and up to 5 years jail time for second offence! 

Here’s a snippet from Sales Of Drug Act 1952

“any person who commits an offence against this Act or any regulation made under this Act for which no penalty is expressly provided shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both, and for a second or subsequent offence he shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both.“

Grow Your Business X10

And so because of that; many just sell under radar. Quietly to friends and family. 

And as business person you and i know; there is no way you can grow your business like that:

Put In Retail Shops

And so that brings us to the next point why you need this: because it will grow your business.
With KKM NOT you can sell your products everywhere. Like literally everywhere without getting caught!

You can put in pharmacies, you can sell in bazaar, you can put in petrol station, groceries shop and more. The sky is the limit! 


Next; you can also export your products. 
Believe it or not; Malaysian made products are sought after in Asia. 

Forget the west but asian is a growing market and you can export it happily because you are registered in your home country!


Now if you are good in marketing; take a video of when you are making in the factory! This will make peope trust you even more because your product is now registered! So really..do it! 

Not many founders of cosmetics have this. They usually get factories to make it and they have no idea whats in their products. So you show people that you know what you are talking about and show people the process of this product making! Its a plus point

Of course theres many more but i cant think off my head right now.

But anyways; heres all the benefits so really; if you need this; do contact us.

FYI; we only have limited slots available as we also have Our own manufacturing to do. 

So if you want this; let us know:) whatsapp us at 0126643817 to book

Take care and stay safe; 

Update 3/4/2022: 
Currently this GMP rental is no longer available as its a grey area that is not allowed by KkM. If you want to get KKM for your handmade product talk to us as we now can make for u in small quantities. Whtsapp us at 0126643817

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