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Why Having A Budget Is Important When Approaching Manufacturers To Make Your Own Products.

 Ever since we started our very own GMP certified manufacturing company here in Malaysia; we have been getting request after request to make products for people who wants to start business.

The reason; I think its because we are the few factories in Malaysia that makes truly naturally derived products; and if synthetics were used; we will use the safe alternatives.

Besides that; for a start; our MOQ is quite low (min of 100pcs) because the whole reason I started this factory was to assist people who wanted to start side business legally; and so SoapWorks PLT aka our manufacturing arm was born.

However; I've come to realise that most of our 'enquirer; ie potential clients don't really have a budget.

And its quite difficult for us to make a product based on no 'budget'.

and so we usually quote what we think its the best for the customer's business; usually by using our existing ingredients that are already premium. 

and so the price per piece then becomes high.

and we probably won't hear from them again; because well; the price is high.

But here's the thing; why not you tell us what's the price you are comfortable with; and we will figure out a way to match the price.

and if I can't; ill let you know up front. That we can't 

Isn't that easier? 

Let me give you an example.

Lets say you wanted a face oil.

Perfect; but you don't let me know your budget. 

So ill assume you would want something 'good' and 'premium; (coz I only use those to make products in soaplab as me and my family are using it daily too. yes its made for ME). 

so ill use luxury oils like Argan, jojoba, rose hip oil, with a little bakuchiol oil as its for MY aging skin.

Now if you know the prices of these oils, it can be on the higher side. and so when we quote you; it will definitely be higher.

But; I do have an alternative. 

If you gave me a lower budget/ target cost price; I could reformulate this using a lower cost oils like sunflower oil, soy bean oil, coconut oil etc. If it was mid range price; we could use almond oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil etc.

So as you can see; we can always change the formula to suite your budget. So really; let us know your budget and we will go from there.

Our factory is unlike others because we have an in-house formulator. 

We are doing R&D to reformulate all our products all the time. So what you will get based on your budget will be different than what we have in-store.

Everything is formulated from scratch. 

So if you wanted to make your own product; do WhatsApp us (0126643817) to chat further.

Thank you and have a great day ahead;


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