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How is Suncreen’s Spf determined?

 Eversince SoapLab started manufacturing, almost every week someone will ask us to make sunscreen.

Truthfully; its so high in demand, and yet we dont make it. Why? 

Sunscreen, unlike other skincare; is a little unique because we the manufacturers will have to do accuracy tests; and since the test is ‘expensive’, we dont do it.

When it comes to sunscreen, the most important thing is the SPF. 

Now how is spf determined? It depends on the amount its applied, the thickness of the sunscreen, the ‘rubbing off’ effect, the site of application, and the frequency of application. 

Every sunscreen in the market will have to go thru in vivo test just like any other pharamceutical product.

The test is conducted on human, where few test subjects will be compensated to perform this study where the product is applied on the skin, and test is conducted over few days to months to see the response.

If lets say someone uses product A, and without the product they sunburn in 10mins, and with the product they sunburn in 150mins, so then the spf for the product will be (150/10) = SPF 15. 

The products SpF will then be averaged out and will be determined tht way. 

Now if suddenly the product’s oil is changed, or consistency is changed, or added with some extract etc, then the product cant be claimed as spf 15 anymore, it needs to go thru another study to determine it (ie higher cost) 

And the cost; its in 5 figure /test.

Last i found out we dont have such test in Malaysia coz of ethics, so nearest is in thailand which costs 40-50k.

So yea, coz of this; we dont make sunscreen. Its not as easy as add ingredient abc and mix. 

Its considered almost like pharmaceutical product and the test costs like that too; something a small manufacturer like me cant do. 

Of course since ‘SPF’ is not a requirement i can just ‘claim’ as spf xxx. 

But truthfuly i don feel good about it, so for now; im not making sunscreen till i found a way to test it:) 

So yea; for now no sunscreen from SoapLab:) ill do it once i have the money:) 

Meanwhile; when you purchase a sunscreen; do make sure u get it from reputable brands:) 

Whats your fav sunscreen? Let me knw in the comment below:) 


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