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How To make Natural Deodorant For Beginner

Hi guys, for today’s how to do series ill be guiding you guys on how to make a natural deodorant.

We will be using deodorant base that i formulated about a year ago.

This base was made without using any aluminum, bicarbonate and its preservative free!

Ive also made it not antiperspirant. Which means you will sweat; but you wont stink.

If you have been using antiperspirant for a while im sure you know that though you dont sweat; whenever you dont use your 48 hrs deo; your armpit tends to get stinky and sticky! Its all because anti perspirant deos blocks your sweat glands from sweating so the sweat tends to accumulated inside and whenever you dont use your deodorant; your 2 days old sweat comes out; smelling so bad!

So i didnt want that; hence i reformulated something that will only last 8 hours! (We do shower 2-3 times a day in Malaysia so i dont see the point of 48 hours coverage. Sorry:-( 

So anyways; this is also bicarbonate free. If you notice most natural deo uses sodium bicarbonate/ baking soda. The reason i dont use them is because it has a higher pH so it tends to iritate the skin over the long run and darken armpits too:-(

So coz of that; ive reformulated it to be all without it and so far after a year; the feedback has been very encouraging!

So after a year of market urvey; we finally decided to sell the base for you who wants to DIY or make your own product to sell;-)

Heres a simple recipe that you can follow:


  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Natural Deodorant Base
  2. 50g Mango Papaya Scent
  3. Few drop of saffron color (optional if you are using transparent bottle)

How To make Video:

All ingredients are available at www.soaplabmalaysia.com. If you want any assistance do whatsapp us at 0126643817.

P/S: whenever we make videos like this we need to make about 1-2kg of products. These products are usually discarded after that (previously). However; we need funds to make more videos like this so we decided to sell these products as limited edition. If you wabt to try these out; do DM us. Thank you for your support🙏🏻🙏🏻

Pps: If you are someone who wants to start a business but don know how to and woul be interested to learn about the law, regulation, and basic marketing ways; join our Free Facebook Group here

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