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Can We Only Use Coconut & Olive Oil In Cold Process Soap?


Can use coocnut oil and olive oil equally in soap making? 

Hi my name is nisha; pharmacist and formulator and today we will be doscussibg this when it comes to making soap from scratch using oils

So few weeks ago ive showed a video on how to make soap from scratch and in tht video we are using oils like coocnut, olive, palm and castor.

So the question today is; can we use coocnut and olive oil equally at 50:50? 

The short answer is; yes; and the long answer it depends:)

When it comes to soapmaking all the oils have got different amount of fatty acids in it. 

Fatty acids like steric acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid and so in.

And all these acids will give the different quality to your soap. Some fatty acids is for hardening, some for moisturising and so on.

So keeping this in mind lets go back to the question.

What happens if mix 50:50 olive and coconut oil? 

So coconut oil will give a hard cleansing part of the soap,

While olive oil is more for moisturising.

So that will give a more moisturising effect.

Check out why in the video..


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