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Loyalty Programme

SoapLab Malaysia Loyalty & Referral Programme:

Loyalty Programme:

In SoapLab Malaysia you can now redeem vouchers for all the purchases you've made the last quarter!

SoapLab's Quarter is as below:

Quarter 1: 1st Jan- 31st March
Quarter 2: 1st April - 30th June
Quarter 3: 1st July-30th September
Quarter 4: 1st October - 31st December

How To Join Loyalty Programme?

You will automatically be added into the loyalty programme list everytime you purchase RM 100 (not including shipping and GST)  above in Soaplab Malaysia

Benefits & Rebates:

When you spend with SoapLab the first quarter, you will get voucher code the second quarter.

example; you purchased RM 300 worth of products the first quarter; in the second quarter; you will receive an email from SoapLab Malaysia about voucher redemption.

once receive the email; you will have to reply to the email asking for your voucher receipt.

Within the next working day you will get an email reply on how much you have spend on first quarter; your voucher value, and your voucher code.

How Much Will I Get?

For every purchases below RM 1000; you will get a voucher 5% Value
For every additional purchase more than RM 1000-RM 5000; you will get a 7% Voucher for the balance.
and above RM 5000; you will get a 10% voucher for the balance.

You purchased RM 1400 worth of products the first quarter:

First RM 1000: 5% = RM 50
Second RM 400: 7% = RM 28
Total Voucher Value: RM 78

What is The Expiry of The Voucher?

Voucher expires in 60 days

For sales amount it must be redeemed within the quarters.

You are not allowed to bring the purchase amount forward. Your sales amount is considered zero at the beginning of all quarters.

Referral Programme:

SoapLab's Referral programme is only for those who have joined the loyalty programme above. Ie: You must have purchased RM 100 worth of products from SoapLab before to enjoy this benefit.

How Does The Referral Programme Work?

SLM Referral programme is where you will get an unique code that you will pass around to your friends and family to purchase from SoapLab Malaysia's website.
When your friends and family purchases; their purchase is considered 'your sales' the first time.


When the person you refer to SoapLab uses your unique code; they will get a RM 10 rebate on their purchases.

You will get their purchases as ' your purchase ' the first time they order.

Example if they purchased RM 300 (subtotal; not including shipping and tax). And you have already purchased RM 1400 from the example above.

Then your total sales for Quarter 1 will be considered as RM 1700
so your voucher will be calculated as:

First RM 1000: 5% =RM 50
Second RM 700: 7% =RM 49
Total Voucher: RM 99

Will i Get anything further when my Friend purchases again?

No. This is a referral programme. You only get the fees the first time only.

How Do I Sign Up For Referral Programme?

We will automatically notify you once you have joined our loyalty programme (usually during the first 15 days starting of the quarters); or alternatively you could email

If you have any question; please do not hesitate to email us at for more details. Tq.

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