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DIY Breast Milk Soap Kit

Breast Milk Soap Kit (DIY at home)

Before making breastmilk soap read this first! 

Suitable for sensitive skin. No SLS and no added chemicals. Only natural soft oils, Lye and your breast milk!
Super easy to make with instructions provided.
This kit has enough ingredients to make 2 sets of soap using this mild.
Can make about 12-14 bars of soap (depending on how you cut)

Suitable for Beginners.
Have excess breastmilk? turn them into soap!

DIY Sabun Susu Ibu
Before making breastmilk soap read this first! 
Sesuai untuk kulit sensitif.
Kit ini mempunyai ingredient yang cukup untuk membuat 2 kali menggunakan acuan yang di sediakan. Oleh itu boleh membuat 12-14 buku sabun.

Sesuai untuk yang belum pernah membuat sabun melalui "cold process method"

*Please wait for the video to load. (sola tunggu sebentar sementara video load)

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