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Want to make breastmilk soap? STOP and read this first

There's this new fad in the country where mothers who are breastfeeding loves to make breastmilk soap for their babies. Though it's suppose to be good (theoretically but actually any handmade soap is good for allergic skin), take a time to read this post.
Now we understand that you want to make breastmilk soap because you have excess milk but please make sure that your milk is truly expired and can't be used in babies anymore before making soap. If you have a lot of excess milk that is still usable, please consider donating them. You can donate your milk to any orphanage that accepts babies, or to any hospital that has NICU ( neonate ICU). Most of these babies are born prematurely and their mom can't produce milk as yet. With ur milk ( considering if their mom agrees to take. But trust me when a child is at the stage of being in an ICU, every mom will take whatever opportunity there is to save their kid). By providing your breastmilk you would have directly help to build up the immune system of the neonate and you might save one. Do the right thing and consider saving a child first before thinking about making breast milk soap. Trust me even if your baby has allergies, even a goats milk soap will help them but by giving your breastmilk to another child you are saving lives and that is the best feeling in the world:) 

Thank you! 

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