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Oils in Soap Making. Which to use when?. Minyak dalam sabun. Nak Gunayang mana?

When you start making soap for the first time it can be a little intimidating. These are the most common questions I get from beginners: Which oil should I use to make my first soap? Can I use only one oil? Why do I need to know what oil to use? Cant I just use the normal oil?
And the enquiry continues

Well truthfully, knowing only how to mix lye solution to oil to create soap is not enough. The most difficult part is actually on determining which oil to use and when before you actually get the perfect bar of soap. Which oil you use and the combinations would actually effect the final product in terms of moisturizing properties, does it lather well, Is it hard enough etc. This post is specifically for those beginner out there to jumpstart their journey to soapmaking:

Oils that creates more bubbles:
1)   Coconut Oil
2)   Palm Kernel Oil

Oils that are conditioning (use 40-60%)
1)   Olive Oil
2)   Macademia Nut Oil
3)   Sweet Almond oil
4)   Avocado Oil
5)   Apricot Kernal Oil

Oils that creates Creamy Lather
Shea Butter
C   Cocoa Butter
      Mango Butter

So these are the basic oils and easily found ingredients that one can consider using when you make soap for the first time. A little word of advice though; when u start, try using maximum of 3 oils combination first. I understand that it can be a little exciting when you want to make soap for the first time and want to put everything in. But master it first as different oils will create different trace and you will need to know when the soap is in trace or the oils and lye solution will separate when not traced properly. 

Well.. Here you go:) I hope this will give you a good foundation to jumpstart your journey into soap making:) have a good day:) 

Malay version synopsis:
Apabila you nak start membuat sabun, mesti ramai yang ada banyak soalan mengenai minyak. Minyak mana yang ok? Kenapa I perlu Guna minyak yang lain lain? Tak BOLEH ke I Guna satu jenis minyak untuk semua sabun I?

Well, itu terpulang. Tapi kalau i nak buat sabun yang banyak buih, yang melembabkan badan dengan keras, then you kena Guna lain-lain jenis minyak sebab minyak ni lain minyak dia lain kesannya. So anyways, ni adalah minyak minyak yang biasa digunakan untuk membuat sabun dan senang didapati:

Minyak utk banyakkan buih:
1)   Coconut Oil
2)   Palm Kernel Oil

Minyak untuk pelembab (use 40-60%)
1)   Olive Oil
2)   Macademia Nut Oil
3)   Sweet Almond oil
4)   Avocado Oil
5)   Apricot Kernal Oil

Minyak utk 'creamy'
1)  Shea Butter
2). Cocoa Butter
3). Mango Butter

Walaupun pada mulanya you akan nak campur semua minyak ni untuk buat sabun tetapi pada permulaannya adalah disyorkan untuk guna maksimum tiga jenis minyak sahaja dulu. Dah terror buat sabun nanti barulah tambah lebih jenis minyak. Harap harap blog post ni boleh membantu untuk startkan you untuk buat sabun. Tc 

Thank you for reading Soap Lab Malaysia.
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  1. A valuable sharing. Thank you Soaplab

  2. Can I add in the above oil if I use the pour & melt base? If can't, then can I add essential oil?


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