Lip Balm for Dry Lips [How to Make ]

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hi all,
this is our new video on how to make lip balm. All the ingredients are listed below.

P/S: This balm is for softening dry lips. if you want to make a lip stain, you will need to increase the oil amount and colour as well. thank you.


  1. 50g Shea Butter 
  2. 50g Beeswax
  3. 50g Avocado Oil
  4. Flavouring oil (as desired)
  5. Pigment/ Mica (As Desired)
  6. Lip Balm Container
  7. Pipettes
  8. Labels

Also available Lip Balm Kit Set:

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  1. Hi, i have made my own lip balm using this tutorial and it turned to be a bit softher than the lip balm that we normally buy outside. It is normal for diy lip balm?

  2. Hi double hh. No actually its the same. If its too soft remelt and add beeswax. Tht shd harden it back:)

  3. Hi soaplab! kalau saya beli kit ni, adakah perlu untuk saya membeli lip balm base? dan boleh tak saya nak tambah bahan seperti madu dan bunga kering untuk kit lip balm? terima kasih :)

  4. This recipe can yield how many lip balms?

  5. Hi dear, will this lip balm give color to lip like lipstick ? If no, what should i put? Tq😙

  6. hi. i have made my own lip balm using your recipe and ingredient. Last time i decided to buy refined cocoa butter since shea butter out of stock and used same recipe, my lip balm turn out a bit hard. Its there any recipe for using cocoa butter in lip balm? or any suggestion? thank you.

    1. hi. to make it softer you can add more liquid oil. ie instead of 50g avocado oil,u can add to60g avocado and reduce the beeswax to 40g


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