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Castile Liquid Soap Paste Malaysia: How to Dilute

Finally.. Introducing our very own handmade castile liquid soap paste! After months of enquiries we can proudly say that this is our first own production paste and its totally awesome.
Over the next few weeks ill be creating different video and tutorial on what you can do with this paste. As for today. this post is to guide you on how to dilute, thicken and use it as liquid soap.

Check out this video tutorial on How to thicken it.

Every time you purchase its advisable to dilute it in smaller batches and try it out first using your different fragrance or essential oil because it varies and the outcome is usually different for all FO or EO. We are in the midst of trying out all our Fragrance oil but it might take some time before we get a list so try yours at home first.

Summary on what to do:

Dilution: Can be 1:3 to 1:6 depending on how concentrated you want your soap to be. The more watery you make it, the more soap you will require and its harder to thicken.
Calculation for Dilution: example 1:3 is 100g paste to 300g of Distilled water

Only use distilled water or RO water. Our tap water contains a lot of heavy metal so it will effect the final soap.

Thickening: use regular table salt. Dilute 20g salt to 80 g water.

To purchase the paste click here:

To read on how to make Liquid soap click here

Thank you for reading Soap Lab Malaysia.
If you are one of those who wants to understand why certain ingredient is in your skincare/ cosmetics, learn how to make and formulate your own cosmetics, do contact us on our next class. We also have business courses for those interested to start a business in handmade cosmetics.

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  1. I want the soap liquid to be more moisturising... can I add coconut milk or coconut oil before I thicken it? I tried adding after I thicken it but it became whitish and foamy on top..


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